Taxpayer Funded Medical Study Links Trump Supporters To Opioid Crisis


It’s no secret that the hard-earned money of taxpayers is wasted on a grand scale. But, finding out that leftists are using the money to fund junk research studies to label Trump supporters as drug abusers is damned infuriating. Not to mention, irresponsible and dangerous.

And believe or not, it’s gets worse.

Study links Trump supporters to opioid crisis
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The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a once respected publication, is under fire for promoting a clearly politically motivated study. The findings of the research conclude that supporting Trump, in part, fueled the opioid crisis.

In layman’s terms, Trump supporters are drug addicts.

Dr. James S. Goodwin, Chair of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Texas, led the research team behind the study. To conduct their reckless adventure, they used a national sample of Medicare claims. The following is what they observed from the data:

“Counties and states with the highest opioid use were often areas carried by the Republican candidate in the election. This is not surprising, because aspects of the narrative analyzing the presidential vote echoed themes that occur in explanations for high opioid use.”

Nice huh? Well hold on to your knickers because it gets even more ridiculous.

However, before getting to their wildly outlandish findings, let’s look at how they funded their Trump hit piece. Remember when we said it gets worse? The funding, besides being taxpayer money, was earmarked for cancer research. A grant from the National Institute of Health.

Is that outrageous or what? It’s almost as outrageous as their findings.

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