@sharonclott reports on her Twitter account a surprising video. Two women elected (no pun intended) to protest at the polling station where Donald Trump will vote later today, exposing their bare chests and screaming anti-Trump slogans.

This seems from the strategic perspective of a Hillary voter, to be a bad idea. While I don’t expect vast swaths of Hillary supporters to suddenly vote for Trump, I certainly don’t see it as a step forward for the Hillary campaign or the left wing as a whole. Apparently, they followed Katy Perry’s advice.

Kind of a Step Backward, Wouldn’t You Say?

img_0301Far from a step forward, this seems like a step backward and shows more than a tad bit of hypocrisy.

Let me get this straight. The democratic left absolutely blasts Trump for his vulgar comments about women from years and years ago. They claim he is a misogynist who hates women and Hillary to the contrary is the world’s greatest advocate for women. 

You might also want to note that this was done in an elementary school gym.

As long as you’re willing to ignore a long and sordid trail of sex-related cover-ups, affairs, and defense of actual rapists by the Clintons, this is a reasonable position. I don’t think it is a great one, but reasonable nonetheless.

But even if we do just take that at face value…the best way then to protest this situation is to strip topless in a polling station and shout and scream like a crazy person?

Democrats, I’m just trying to help you out.

I’d say this is a tactical mistake and won’t be looked at as a shining beacon for freedom and justice. If Hillary’s supporters are so high and mighty they should condemn it. But, as with all of the corruption, graft, compromising of state security, sowing discord and reaping of war that Hillary is responsible for, this act too will be ignored by zombie leftists.

Strategy 101

Unless you are running against war-mongering elitist intellectuals, and at least have some perceived imperviousness to being an Establishment tool, don’t say or do things that Trump says in a secret recording. 

Sorry I didn’t come up with this advice earlier for Democrats. Of course, neither the candidate nor the millions of people who make up each party can control the acts of individuals.

Let’s hope this is the last nude polling station Americans have to be subject to today…well not the last…you know what I mean.

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