Salon Uses Dangerous Hurricane Harvey to Slam President Trump

By Missy Jackson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-24

As potentially life-threatening Hurricane Harvey edges towards Texas, liberal media thought it a good prop to slam President Trump. Instead of posting helpful information, or nothing at all, Salon writer Sophia Tesfaye “flunked” the president on his first major disaster.

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And all he did to earn that “F” was caution people to be prepared.

What seems to have angered the Salon writer, was what she referred to as a “useless promotional ad.” 

“Hurricane Harvey is predicted to be the first major storm in a decade — and Trump just tweeted a useless promotional ad in preparation,” she wrote.

The tweet showed President Trump speaking with FEMA personnel, urged people to plan ahead and provided links to three government agencies. How incredibly insensitive of him to warn people to be ready and to let them know where they can find helpful information, right?  Let’s draw and quarter him!

What can only be considered proof of their liberal hypocrisy, we have found some hurricane tweets made by Obama. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, he tweeted about pulling together in “tough times.” A very similar message to the one in President Trump’s “useless promo.”

Tesfaye also accused the president of not including any “helpful information.” “His tweet did not include basic information, like who is in danger, how to be prepared or what the government is doing to prepare,” she said. However, neither did Obama in his 2016 tweet about Hurricane Matthew. 

As you can see for yourself, their messages are again very similar. There is a link to, just like the one President Trump tweeted. No “basic information” like the Salon writer mentioned, was included. So, what is the difference? It looks like the same information just presented differently. 

President Trump can do nothing right in their eyes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the residents and first responders in Texas and Louisiana. Please stay safe and be prepared. For hurricane and preparedness updates, please visit the following websites:

National Hurricane Center



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