Walking Dead Star Posts Vulgar Message to President Trump


Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, better known as the cruel and vengeful Negan on the series The Walking Dead, may have lost many of his fans. After last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, VA, Morgan decided to send a message to President Trump. His profanity-laced tweet, in defense of his children no less, left many wondering if Morgan knows anything about reality.

Photo credit: Deadline

Speaking directly to the events of the day, Morgan appeared to be angry about having to explain racism to his seven-year old son. To deal with his anger, he decided to blame President Trump. And believe us when we tell you, the brutality of his tweet reminds of Negan’s infamous baseball bat.

“@realDonaldTrump F**K YOU. Seriously. F**k you for everything. Today? F**k you for making us have to explain racism to our children.”

Racism in America arrived on the scene long before President Trump. And what kind of example is he setting for his young, impressionable children using words like that aimed at the president of the United States? Is that how responsible adults, parents, talk to each other?

Twitter user, Laura, took issue with Morgan’s tweet and called him out for his lack of insight. “Because racism didn’t exist before Trump, right?” wrote Laura. “He’s to blame for everything that was happening way before he was elected. What a joke” However, Morgan wasn’t fazed by her response.

However, Morgan wasn’t fazed by her response.

Photo credit: chicksinfo.com

While he did agree, Morgan doubled-down in blaming President Trump for having to “explain Charlottesville” to his child. He also slammed the president for not condemning bigotry. “Very true. But should we have a need to explain Charlottesville in 2017 to 7-year-olds?” he responded. “Or a president that doesn’t condemn bigotry?”

Morgan’s response leads to us to several more questions. Like, who created the world where the events in Charlottesville happened? And did he miss the three statements from President Trump, where he did condemn violence and bigotry? Or, is he angry, because the president called-out everyone?

Given his final response to Laura, after she mentioned President Trump’s condemnation, we’ll go with the latter. “No. He hasn’t,” responded Morgan. “You need to see today’s news conference.”

She did.

We did.

The only difference is we, unlike him, were listening.

Perhaps Morgan should be more worried about the example he is setting for his children.



  • Why would you not explain racism to your children ?

    • LibertyVibe

      Because my children are innocent, and I refuse to teach them to hate. Identity Politics and race baiting stir up hatred where there was none. Thanks Obama!

  • Evans Evans

    Fuck that idiot.

  • Renee Kunkel

    Racism started with Obama! Think back 9 years and how peaceful it was in the United States. Then that racist bigot, Obama got in office and has promoted hate for over 8 years. Open your eyes and see that you are in the wrong corner!

    • Kelly T.

      Renee, there was racism long before Obama was born. Don’t be ignorant. You’re embarrassing your own species.

    • Anonymous

      Racism started way before Obama. Him becoming the first black President bought out the racism in the racist idiots.

  • he is just another Hollywood ass hole and now his show will be a hasbeen show .

    • chris

      TWD doesn’t need Morgan, we did great before him and we’ll do even better once they kill him off, which will hopefully be very soon this season.

    • Anonymous

      His show will not be a has been, TWD is what it is because of the other characters not his role. And right or wrong everyone has their own opinions or views of our President and freedom of speech and so on! Im sure someone else in the world ( not a celebrity) has a not so favorable opinion about our President. Live and let live!

  • MARLENE Boyd

    Bye bye Walking Dead your show will probably be cancelled by the end of this season and not is such a shame

    • Susan

      His show will not be a has been, TWD is what it is because of the other characters not his role. And right or wrong everyone has their own opinions or views of our President and freedom of speech and so on! Im sure someone else in the world ( not a celebrity) has a not so favorable opinion about our President. Live and let live!

  • Evans Evans

    These idiot actors need to shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      So they are idiots and need to shut the fuck up right? Let me tell u something they have every right to speak there mind as much as everyone else has the right to do so. I believe it called freedom of speech. Its this thing called a amendment you know those things every american has. And he is right this is 2017 and we ahould not have to tell our children oh a bunch of people was killed because the color of there skin or that a bunch of people cant stop living in the past and get over the things that never happend to them in the first place. I will not let my child know of the hate in the world i dont what her good loving nature to go away
      He has everyright to feel like he is feeling and the sad thing is he is half right

      • Mm

        Certainly, this actor is free to verbally attack the president. And we, as his former audience are free to disagree with him and refuse to watch his show and to boycott his sponsers.

      • Anonymous

        You are correct she has a right to freedom of speech. However he should’ve been bitching to Obama as he is the one who started all of this racist crap.

    • Renee

      Really bc i never missed an episode of the walking dead why the fuk he doing shit like that he only came to the show in season 7 n already screwing it up 4 us n the show cone on man think a little

  • LibertyVibe

    “Me thinks thou protests too much!” Hollywood is rife with pedophiles, and Trump is taking them out. These people are terrified.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t like him to begin with! Like him even less now! Hope they kill off his character on The Walking Dead. Clueless human being!

  • Roseann Brennan


  • Anonymous

    Jeffrey awe,l snowflake, did you really think you were going to shield you child from the real world? Well wouldn’t we all like to. Stop being a coward and be straight forward with your child as I did with my children and grandchildren when they were growing up. It’s a nasty world out there, and President Trump did not invent racism. It was around long before you were even born. But your boy Obama went a long way in 8 years to divide this nation and the races the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 50s. Buck up, pull up your big boy pants Rosebud. I am so disgusted with you, that if I didn’t love all the other characters on the show so much, I would leave too. Even Muriel Parks is defending President Trump and says he said the right things.

  • Loved him before but adore him now! Never watched TWD … but will start!!!

  • How do you explain the mean man with the baseball bat on TWD. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know. If you havent told him his school friends have. If he’s not in school and shielded from rhat then you are creating a monster with you lies and not talking to him about what Daddy does compared to what our President does.

  • Anonymous

    You’re all fucking retarded.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still watching no matter what he said. The show will not be cancel. Trump is an ASSHOLE to millions of people. Fucking YAY for JDM for his comments. Couldn’t say it better myself. So all Trump supporters. F**k off

    • Anonymous

      This coming from a coward … anonymous????????????????

    • Anonymous

      Grow up

  • scarlet emma


  • Charli schisler

    I’m with Jeffrey Dean Morgan!. 100% #dumpchump. !!!

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of speach . I think we are entitled to that in the constitution or something right

  • Melissa

    Everyone has the right to their own opinions just as all of you are voicing your own..and no matter what I will still be watching the walking dead..I will always be a fan!!

  • Anonymous

    He may mot have invented it but he sure did use it to get elected.

  • Lisa

    I will always like JDM as an actor, his freedom of speech has nothing to do with his ability to act…not everyone likes him and I’m sure he doesn’t care. Everyone blaming Obama for spreading hate while in office… let me ask you this. You really think things were worse when Obama was in office compared to this asshole president Trump? I’ve seen so much more hatred, rallies, attacks, deaths, etc. since Trump has been in office. I didn’t like Obama being in office, I don’t like Trump being in office either, I didn’t vote for either one. And we as a country were never laughed at or looked down upon poor near WWIII until this dumbass who can’t even run his own businesses came in to office. I know a lot of you will call me names and talk shit to me, but I don’t give a fuck. And I don’t respond to petty bullshit from people I don’t know, I’m merely exercising my right to freedom of speech.

  • Why areso many people getting so worked up over what one man said about Trump or anything else. The Walking Dead does not revolve around his character, so bringing the show into is just ignorant. I agree that the people in Hollywood need to shut up, but being as this is still a “free” country, there isn’t much you can do about it! So JDM got on his high horse and said some stupid things, but that’s on him. If he damages his career over being an idiot..so be it!! Eventually some actor or actress will be made an example of…just a matter of time!!

  • Hey, JDM, did you tweet out F**K YOU, OBAMA! when you had to explain Ferguson, Missouri to your young son? How about Baltimore, Maryland? I suppose that was all Trump’s fault, too. Don’t piss off TWD fans! We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and politics. Didn’t you learn anything from Chris Hardwick about not talking politics and alienating fans?

  • Anonymous

    No different than people blaming Obama for stuff that happened before him….

  • we’re angry were all angry he’s angry if you’re not angry that’s pretty damn sad

    O I see it’s not ok to try to shelter our children but Trump your all up set when a photo was very ugly picture of him and how it would effect his son Wow so we’re just to keep Quit for him not denouncing what White supremacist we’re angry were all angry he’s angry if you’re not angry that’s pretty damn sad

  • Lois Roberson

    So sad and disappointed in you Morgan. I have lost all respect for you as I have for other actors. All too big for your britches and you should know where your millions come from. My son knows racism but does not distinguish between skin color. It’s called life. Oh and my son is 32 years old and he has always known there is trash of every race.

  • Everly

    TWD used to be one of only a hand full of shows I watch on tv, now, because of a libtard idiot opening his mouth, I’m done with it! I cannot and will not help someone like morgan get paid the bucks. We had eight years of nothing but hate from a racist wannabe president of this country! If you are too closed minded to see real racism then you’re no better than that hate filled, evil man that destroyed so much in this country. I don’t know why you are worried about your kids because if you talk that way around them then there is nothing innocent about them any more. You are a foul mouthed, horrible man!

  • anonymous

    Isn’t he a Rockefeller…??? then his opinion does not count. yes he needs to explain that black people are racist.

  • Anonymous

    Who ever wrote this is a Trump supporting racist so fuck you for this article …your just mad because he will be impeached soon by his own doing! ????????????

  • Char McGettigan

    He has every right to get upset as anyone else.. I do not agree with him, but why boycott a show for freedom of speech… Just like some of the comments on here.. we the people have the right to say the dumbest stuff! lol..

  • Laura

    Everyone is intitaled to there opinion sorry but this is America that’s just the way it is

  • Anonymous

    Yall lick trumps balls or what ? Trump didnt condemn anything are yall delusional!and obama didnt create anything that wasnt already there stop being stupid trump supporters

  • Anonymous

    Ignorance must have really been bliss as you slept through the Obama era

  • Joey

    I like him even more now. I say the same thing every day.

  • Anonymous

    People have a RIGHT to say what they want. If someone didn’t mention this you Trump loving ass hats wouldn’t have even known.

  • Anonymous

    You all keep mouthing actors, saying they have no place in politics.. Have you forgotten TRUMP IS AN ACTOR! My goodness, people.

  • I am even more of a fan now !!! I love you Jeffrey Dean Morgan !!!

  • Anonymous

    Lost me for sure!

  • An American who has bled for his country

    You people are imbecilic. To defend president Chump after all the bullshit he sold to this country to be elected you should be denied the right to vote because you don’t understand the immensity of the duty it actually is.

    David Duke said it best to the chump in chief. “Remember who got you elected”.

    I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the basic point. He was elected by locking down the uneducated white male demographic. Congratulations you are siding with neo-nazis, kkk, aryan nation and every other hate group that exists in this country.

    Aren’t you proud?

    • Anonymous

      you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    Rene Kunkel !what do you mean the world was peaceful before Obama was president! Where the hell you been?!! . If I remember correctly before Obama was president Bush. During that time we had the 9/11 attack. Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan eat. So what peaceful world are you talking about!? Know your facts before you start talking your crap!

  • Susan

    RACISM was here long before Trump. TRUMP is NOT RACIST but BLM IS. ANTIFA IS. OBAMA IS. As for this “actor” no one knew him before The Walking Dead. We can always stop watching. O_^

  • julie

    He has every to say what he thinks I have every right to change the channel. I have really gotten tire f Negan and think he needs to be killed off. No really….despite his comments I really think he has over stayed his welcome.

  • Jessica

    Well I would be his biggest fan right now. No loss of fan base predicted. I hope you have your shittin pants on!
    Losing Trump supporters is no different than taking a shit. None. It’s healthy too.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is b.s.. Fake Fake Fake!!!

  • Another onemail off my watch list.
    Does he live in an alternate reality?
    Antifa and black lives matter has been chanting death to white people and kill cops and if they didn’t show up to a small group of protesters it may not have escalated to the tragic death – Both sides are guilty

  • Joan Tarkington

    I actually feel sorry for his son. Obviously he needs to be in an anger management course before he harms someone. You can express your view without every other word an obscenity. Get Help.

  • Felicia Hackett

    Oh my gosh, you must be uneducated and plain stupid. Didn’t Obama capitalize on the black vote? That man is a traitor and caused more racial divide in 8 years than thought possible. He consistently lied, traveled more on the taxpayers dime and is still doing so. President Trump at least is pro America. I will say that there are a lot of countries that you could go live in if you don’t support the president or want America to be great and prosperous again. Why don’t you find one and take all of the race baiting hate monger with you.

  • Anonymous

    The irony is that JDM thinks having to explain racism to his son is abnormal when black fathers everywhere do it as a part of normal raising of their children. How did he explain Negan to his son? Doesn’t Negan force whole communities into slavery? He works them, takes their property and he beats, disfigures them or bashes their heads in for not doing exactly as he says?

  • Anonymous

    If people would ignore these ridiculous, clueless people, they would go away. Don’t give them an audience.

  • Helen

    He is entitled to his opinion, that is what is suppose to make this country so free, but of course he is a famous actor, so the same public trying to conform our opinions hold a moral regards to famous people, because we expect them to know better. People can be blind, ignorant and say things without consideration or thought for others, what makes Jeffrey any less human??????? I think as usual blown out of content, and I don’t give a shit!

  • Samala

    Thanks for showing your racist colors and aligning your site with the ass who unapologetically: took out a full page ad calling for the public execution of 5 innocent teenagers of color, was sued by the government for discriminatory housing practices, boasted about forcing the first Black President to show his papers like he was a runaway slave, said there wouldn’t be another Black POTUS for generations, and sided with White Supremacists & nazis over a shared heritage. Ram your righteous indignation and your lies that racism in a country founded on racism began in 2008.

  • Carla Mueck

    Fire this author….Missy Jackson.
    Total respect to Morgan! Not only a great actor, but obviously an ethical human being. How do we explain fascist ignorant racist pro trump mentality being condoned to our children? Any grade schooler can tell its ethically wrong. This is supposed to be something we learn about in the past with regret. Not something we perpetuate now.

    • steveiD

      Is there a fact in your tirade anywhere?

    • Angela Fickes

      Lest see i can add all what u said in one word lefts.You hate anyone who don’t think like you deep down u all are nazi lovers who hate blacks. u welfare queens will now have to work and that is what is pissing u off the most… ur free ride is over all and hand everything u own to blacks ur kids will be slaves to them.cause that’s just what BLM is spreading.Ur kids will have u to thank one day..

    • Walter Hepworth

      The same way you explained it under Obama. He is the one that recalled all the racism.

  • Bryan Wright

    This guy is a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG!!!! Fuck you…yes fuck you you fucking maggot

    • Javier

      You went to school and you can’t even speak right what an idiot I forgot it’s one of you

      • Michael Johanson

        Says the moron that uses no punctuation.

        • Javier

          Don’t be so miserable

  • Cory Dryden

    Explaining racism and bigotry to our children / next gen. is only the process of learning history and cleaning up the narrative won’t help the next gen. learn from history and then we might be the ones who are responsible for dooming them to repeat it.

  • Daniel Bonacum

    If you haven’t been explaining racism to your kids prior to the past 6 months, then you’re the problem, not Trump.

  • Javier

    This person went to school got an education and still can’t speak. Idiot

  • Ivan Henry

    The walking dead doesn’t need any explanation, obviously he is a loser……

  • Toshio Pendarvis

    If you ask Trumpettes, there still isn’t any racism.

    • Walter Hepworth

      No there is racism in this country. It was almost gone until that Obama person was president.

      • CheryLynn Ferrari


      • Ryan Harris

        Still blaming Mr. Obama! 😀 and almost gone? Pfft! You sir must live a sheltered life. 💯

        • Enzo Gorlami

          Obama set race relations in this country back 60 years.

      • Toshio Pendarvis

        So you admit that he, being our first black POTUS, caused the uptick in racism toward people of color. Thank you

  • Cad

    Racism was not that bad until Trump got into office he just made it worse by not keeping his dirty mouth shut, he is by far the worse president ever

    • Mikey

      This might be the dumbest thing anyone will read today.

      • Michael McNew

        You may just be right.

    • A Lpha

      Car, you aren’t very clever! Are you? 😆

  • Enzo Gorlami

    Always knew Negan was a giant cucked bitch. Just confirms it.

  • jojo

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fucking idiot…He has to explain Racism to his son because the Leftist PC brigade has been calling everything from Negroes to fire-hydrants ‘White Racists™’ for YEARS in amerika, (White-Male™, White-Racism™, White-Privilege™ etc) and because the Left has been Triggering since last November…(Racist™ Nazi™ Bigot™ Hate™-filled, Klan™ members elected Trump etc etc)

    He should be telling his son to “run” when he hears the phrase: “hey whitey” in about 4 years.
    Political Correctness has had white people in its sights from its inception and now the POC chickens are coming home to roost….They won’t give a shit if JDM OR his kids are “one of the good ones™” when TSHTF….

    what a brain-dead asshole Morgan is

  • Yeah, because from the dawn of time, amongst mankind, racism never existed prior to President Trump’s win. /sarcasm

    These day it seems that entertainers parroting the same bullshit ought to stick with what their chosen profession requires of them: acting, and charging 400$ at conventions if you want a picture taken with one.

    Their echo chamber thought process isn’t a soapbox meant for these people to step up and fill the heads of the easily influenced with baseless junk opinion word vomit where what facts are peppered throughout tend to be negative half-truths cherry picked to further their tales of delusions. Celebs, both great or small, take heed: learn your lines; preform in front of a camera as expected; do what you’re paid handsomely to do which is to entertain the hardworking masses. Your viewership provides ratings, ratings ensure a cheque that puts food in your bellies and a roof to shelter you and your loved ones. Opening your mouth on such subjects, whether pro or con, will hurt your pocketbook should the majority that tune in decidedly tune out, and begin to boycott anything and everything your name appears in the credits of. It may not seem like much at first, but as the viewership drops, the ratings, too, shall fall (which dictates whether another season gets signed on) often to the point where production costs more than the profit pulled in by advertisers who will pull their support if they’re haemorrhaging money trying to keep a loss cause afloat. Don’t offend your fans; stick with your profession and for god’s sake use your platform for something more urgent (childhood cancer, for example) if it’s difficult to keep off the proverbial virtue signalling soapbox.

  • William Carter ✯

    Nice to see him with his cup of freedom coffee there.


    Funny I’m on twitter everyday and JDM still has 510K followers just like yesterday and the day before. Trump is an idiot and JDM called him on it and if you think JDM is the first person to say F*ck Trump well you have been living under a rock somewhere

    • A Lpha

      I bet you’re on Twitter everyday! 😆

    • Tyler McCail

      Trump haters: just like regular Americans, only simpler.

    • Heather Perkins

      They are going to safe spaces where people echo their support of that incompetent scumbag. It’s like speaking to a three year old when you try to discuss anything further than a ten second sound bite where he almost sounded like a President. God forbid you speak about policy, they haven’t read it. God forbid you speak about his full statements, they didn’t listen. Political climate in Washington? They don’t even know there are three branches! Keep resisting. We may just get some of these people to engage with reality!


    But congrats to you for making an article out of a tweet that JDM posted on August 15, I mean this was news then not now how about you cover the flooding in Texas or the wildfires in Wisconsin . You know something going on right now not almost a month ago . Wow

  • Rick

    He had to explain to his little snow flake what racism is. I didnt know that racism just started.

    • Caroline Marie Cabrera

      For this 7 year old it did just start.

    • Amber Warren

      Yet here you are saying a racist comment… lol wow

      • Michael Johanson

        Snowflake isn’t a race is it? Fucking Moron. Its a name which fits pretty well, as is the one I just called you.

  • A Lpha

    I wonder if the twat whined like a bitch when Obama made racist, derogatory comments about jobless people with guns and bibles! He wants to swear. Well I can as well. F*** HOLLYWOOD AND HIM!

  • supernaturalfamily

    He’s just a stupid actor . He has to act inappropriate to stay famous. Take that bat and shove it right up you butt.
    How dare you speak to the President of the United States like that.

    • Susan Dawkins

      “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” ― Theodore Roosevelt (A Republican president)

      • Kay Harp

        But it was ok for everyone to follow Obama like the pid piper . You people make me sick

        • Susan Dawkins

          You misunderstand. My quote says it is alright to criticize a president (including Obama). What is un-American is to say that you cannot criticize a president. I might disagree with you on your opinion of Obama but I would never question your right to say it. I liked (not “followed” him) because he was a thoughtful intellectual who shared much of my world view. Historians recently rated him the 12th best president. Why don’t you help me to understand what you like about trump. Is it his-
          —his three marriages, each time to a younger woman, the 2nd to his pregnant mistress (the one he started doing while still married)?
          —His saying he grabs women’s pussies because he can?
          —the way he then denies there is any truth to the 12+ women who have claimed he sexually assaulted them?
          — the way he looked at and touched Ivanka when she was younger, or the way he discussed baby Tiffany by focusing on the likelihood that she would have long legs and big breasts?
          —his multiple bankruptcies and NY banks refusing him business?
          —Him taking a mafiosa to Atlantic City to as consultant for his casino?
          —His love affair with the evil dictator and KGB assassin Putin?
          —His faking Chritian piety to fool evangelicals?
          No one can stop me from criticizing this poor excuse for a human being. Here he is posing for pictures with his teenage daughter.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7d4ac58f66aab14d3712f2020c3d6f18b9f5e6d5e8836db61dced359d6ed682.jpg

  • drcreepy


  • John Galt

    How about he explain the GRAPHIC GROTESQUE VIOLENCE in the show he acts in to his 7 year old son?

    Btw, I love TWD. But it is hypocritical of him to be so ‘morally outraged’ over the violent events of Charlottesville, yet conveniently not blame himself for the part that he gets paid for which is full of extreme violence, hatred, murders, and maimings.

    • Caroline Marie Cabrera

      TWD is acting. Racism is real. Cant you tell the difference?

      • John Galt

        I’m a black man living in the US, originally from the country of Trinidad & Tobago — so yes, I know what racism is.

        However my comment still stands with regards to the actor’s outrage about the lessons he will need to teach his son. But the fact is, he’s acting in a ahow that GLORIFIES violence, and guns, and knives, shooting people, stabbing people, betrayals, and the worst parts of human nature; the show just generally arguably helps to desensitize the viewers to the worst part of ourselves; it seems to make it okay to treat our fellow humans as dead weight and trash.

        The fact is, this actor who is outraged over what he thought ‘Trump should have said to help his own 7 year old son’, is himself the culprit, since he is himself paid to glorify guns and violence. Maybe he needs to look in the mirror, and instead of pointing hypocritical fingers at outsiders, he should instead take ownership himself and apologize to his child for playing a part in advocating betrayal and violence.

        And again, I respect this actor’s work in TWD and Supernatural — two of my FAVORITE shows.

        Cheers!! 🍺🍺🍺

        • Kay Harp

          I agree with u sir

  • Labz Sid

    Fuck the writer of this article. You a racist bastard for supporting Trump instead of him

    • Linda Lee

      Screw YOU, and the horse you rode in on.

  • truck300lb

    im a racist

  • Donald R Anker

    I could give a shit about that dumb ass Morgan But I will tell you one thing Trump would not shout out all the profanities to or around his son or his other Children

    • Susan Dawkins

      It is well known in and around New York that trump not only routinely curses at his adult children but has been known to knock them down when they disobey him.

  • Eric

    We the people of the United States have ourselves to blame because we elected one of the biggest racist we have ever known. That person you ask was none other than Barack Obama. He was following the game plan of Bill Ayers his mentor. Cause as much division among the citizens so that they dont trust each other and push the word hate as much as possible. Yes Obama and his ilk are to blame for racism rearing its ugly head again.

  • Linda Lee

    that’s all right, I think “Negan is going to get his this season. I don’t even care .

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