Hillary caught flak for her comments that a politician needs a public and private position on policy issues. This comment served as fuel to the fire of the widespread belief, especially among Republicans, that she is crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Now even as the FBI has closed (again) the probe into the Clinton e-mails, WikiLeaks has uncovered that John Podesta has the same two-faced, fingers-crossed-behind-the-back philosophy.

The “Independent” WCEG

“Per their website, the goal of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, is to develop ‘independent’ research with academics from around the country, with an emphasis on income inequality in the United States.”

The organization focuses on issues of economic inequality and mobility, and how these issues affect overall economic growth – but WikiLeaks showed us this morning that there is a deeper ideological agenda at play.

wikileaks, assange, state secrets, hillary, hillary corruption, e-mail scandalImage credit: wikileaks.org

One Slight Problem…

“The problem was that Podesta, and others within WCEG, thought that their research would not be deemed credible to the extent it was viewed as an arm of the leftist Center for American Progress.  So, just like Hillary, they came up with a plan to create a new WCEG with both a ‘public and private’ image.  Unfortunately, per a memo leaked by WikiLeaks, the WCEG’s plan to be ‘fiercely independent’ acknowledged they would still need support from the Center for American Progress provided that it “leaves no fingerprints.” 

Here’s the kicker: “Finally, readers of the memo were warned to ‘please burn this email after you read it.‘”

There’s your “fiercely independent” research organization, selflessly toiling away in anonymity for the good of the people with no regard for partisan politics or economic ideology. 

Translation: We want to maintain a facade of independence, while working to push anti-capitalist propaganda on the peasants and leave “no fingerprints” in our wake.

“But, to maintain our ‘fierce independence,’ we need:

–  Phone lines that show up as ‘Equitable Growth,’ not ‘Center for American Progress.’
–  Job openings posted on our site, not CAP’s
–  Our staff listed on our own website, not CAP’s
–  The ability to sign contracts with academics and researchers saying only ‘Equitable Growth,’ not ‘Center for American Progress.’
–  To be able to raise funds specifically to send directly out the door in support or grantmaking that do not have to include all of CAP’s standard 15 percent overhead.
–  To control our spending by having a Washington Center for Equitable Growth credit card to expedite securing event space, among other things.”

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