Nancy Pelosi Hosted A Feast Fit For Kings During The Shutdown

Pelosi government shutdown press confeence
House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes a jab at President Trump over government shutdown. | Photo credit WCAX

President Trump was set to leave for Mar-A-Lago last Friday, to attend an event commemorating his first year in office. With a government shutdown looming, he chose to remain in D.C. Rep. Nancy Pelosi stayed too, but not out of respect for her constituents. She slapped them in the face by celebrating with a feast fit for kings.

On Saturday, parents across the country worried about their children’s medical care. Men and women in uniform, serving the country, feared life without a paycheck. On the contrary, other than being concerned with losing votes, Democrats didn’t appear bothered at all.

If that wasn’t the picture they wanted to convey, someone forgot to tell Pelosi.

Saturday evening, the California representative held a dinner for the Democratic caucus at Acqua al 2 an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill. News of the celebration and the elaborate menu circulated quickly on social media.

Acqua al 2 Pelosi dinner
Acqua al 2 menu. | Photo credit Twitter/Dave Hill

“On the menu at Pelosi’s dinner at Acqua al 2: cheeses and meats, pasta, lots of wine and for dessert … cheesecake with strawberry drizzle & tiramisu,” tweeted The Hill’s Scott Wong. As you can imagine, the feast did not sit well. Especially with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The White House Press Secretary slammed Pelosi on Twitter. “Nancy Pelosi is ‘very proud’ Democrats shut the government down over illegal immigration and is taking Democrats out tonight to celebrate,” wrote Sanders.

“Nice message to send to the brave men & women of our military and border patrol forced to work without pay during the #DemocraticShutdown.”

Royalty Not Loyalty

Trump and the military
President Donald Trump greets soldiers at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. | Photo credit

Not surprisingly, public reactions to the news were just as scathing. While yes, lawmakers do need to eat they certainly don’t need to eat at a place serving $58 steaks. At least not while members of the military are working without pay.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine why this feast comes as a shock. Pelosi and Schumer Democrats prove every day just how out of touch with real life they are. They talk, live, and govern like kings so it only makes sense that they would feast like kings.

Hopefully, their loyal subjects will one day discover this is why America is not a monarchy.