Liberal Bias: Bullying Republican Women


Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen, Tomi Lahren, Dana Loesch – and even First Lady Melania Trump. Beautiful, smart women. Conservative women. These women should be respected, right? Of course – and yet Liberals are finding the need the harass these women online, on TV, and in public.

Ya know – Liberals… the people who claim to love women, and want to ensure their rights. Women, except for those who have views different than themselves. Hypocrisy at their highest levels.

We all know about Sarah Sanders’ issues with the Liberal-operated restaurant “The Red Hen” in Virginia. Their business has suffered since, and it isn’t a surprise. 

Recently, “The View” insulted First Lady Melania Trump. Why… we’re not sure. They insulted the way she spoke. They insulted her accomplishments and her personal views. Why this show is still on the air is another story, but insulting our First Lady because of who she is? Classless.

Last night, Montel Williams (remember him? Talk show host who helped dumb-down American’s daytime TV) insulted Dana Loesch on Twitter, calling her a prostitute. She even Tweeted her husband to “get her off the corner”.

And then when attention was brought to him, he started deleting his Tweets. Because… Liberal class. 

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