Battle For Raqqa Intensifies

ISIS, Raqqa | Photo Credit NBC As the battle for Raqqa continues, ISIS has begun sending militant drones to attack U.S. special forces. In certain instances, these attack drones have slowed down American airstrikes.

U.S.-backed Arab and Kurdish fighters have been working on taking Raqqa for some time, since it is the unofficial capital of ISIS in Syria. American forces have prepared several strikes with coordinates, but ISIS drones have slowed down advances.

Two ISIS drones dropped bombs on Kurdish forces directly outside of Raqqa. Despite targeting American troops, there have not been any reported causalities from ISIS drone attacks.

Drones Can Drop Hand Grenades

ISIS Drones | Photo Credit NY Post

Newsmax reports:

“Kurdish forces have taken 10 percent of Raqqa and are expected to take control back from ISIS in time, noted the Spectator. The Washington Post said at least several hundred special operation troops are in Syria, including Green Berets, Rangers, and other units. Rocket artillery and Marine howitzers located near Raqqa’s border have helped advancing forces.”

“In Mosul, the Islamic State used drones in swarms of three to five at a time, CBS News reported in February. The drones used there appeared to be “off-the-shelf quadrocopters.” Those drones were able to drop hand grenades or artillery shells on targets, CBS News said.”

ISIS Drones Slow Down American Advances

ISIS Drones | Photo Credit Sun

Spectator reports:

“While these operations have slowed down US advances in Iraq and Syria, the push against ISIS in both Raqqa and Mosul continues to be strong, Kurdish forces have recently taken 10% of Raqqa and are expected to take the rest of the city. ISIS is getting desperate, and is attempting to use every trick in the book to defend themselves from their inevitable defeat.”

“With the Caliphate in dire straits, it is possible that ISIS will ramp up attacks in Europe and the United States, possibly using similar tactics to the ones they have used in the ground war.”

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