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A new bill called “Veteran’s 2nd Amendment Protection Act” was recently passed in the House of Representatives. The legislation marks the beginning of the end of Obama administration policies that targeted veterans and threatened their constitutional rights.

We published a story previously that highlighted President Trump’s roll back of Obama’s law aimed at veteran gun owners on social security. However, this new bill takes that one step further. Its purpose is to ensure that the federal government extends the same gun ownership rights to veterans as they give to non-veterans.


“The current state of administrative law within VA allows the agency to adjudicate whether a veteran is competent to handle their finances. If the veteran is not competent, VA will appoint a fiduciary and the veteran loses all control of their VA benefits.”

The left has touted the bill will grant mentally unstable veterans the right to own guns, thereby endangering the public–and possibly the veterans themselves. But, advocates assert that this is nonsense.

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Benjamin Krause, attorney, and founder of the disabled veteran’s website said it is about “protecting the fundamental right of veterans to own a firearm” Krause believes the new bill will make sure that, on veterans and the 2nd Amendment, laws are…

Fair to Everyone

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When it comes to issues of competency, non-veterans must be judged as mentally incompetent by the court system before their gun rights are taken away. For veterans, simply needing help with their finances can be cause enough to strip them of their rights.

As it stands now, if a veteran is labeled as “incompetent” through the VA, they are placed on a federal “no-buy” list. When a background check is completed, being on the list automatically results in being declined for a permit.

The NRA and other proponents of the bill, like Ben Krause, acknowledge that mentally unstable people should not have access to guns. But, they also believe that, as Americans, individuals have a right to due process and to have their “day in court”-before being stripped of their fundamental rights as citizens.

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