How Two-Faced Chuck Schumer Hypocrisy Is Causing The Shutdown

Government Shutdown
The 2018 government shutdown could last for days or weeks as Democrats push for amnesty. | Photo credit Daily Sheeple

If you haven’t been relaxing on a nice tropical beach, without internet, then you know about the government shutdown. We won’t bore you with too many details, but we are happy to share a little liberal hypocrisy to commemorate the occasion. And it’s brought to you, courtesy of “Cryin” Chuck Schumer.

Over the weekend, social media turned into a battleground for hashtags concerning the shutdown. #GovernmentShutdown2018, #TrumpShutdown, and #SchumerShutdown, battled for the top spot. But a look back on the 2013 Obama government shutdown, and a few words from Schumer calls for a new hashtag:

Shumer Vs. Schumer

Chuck Schumer
Senator Chuck Schumer is two-faced when it comes to immigration reform. | Photo credit Wall Street Journal

As you know, the biggest source of contention over the budget is funding for DACA. Democrats want absolute amnesty for illegals brought here as children. Yet, they don’t want to secure the border, end chain migration, or stop the visa lottery.  In other words, Schumer Democrats don’t want immigration reform.

Except, in 2013, that is exactly what Schumer wanted.

“Democrats believe strongly in immigration reform,” the senator said in an ABC interview. “We could say, ‘we’re shutting down the government, we’re not gonna raise the debt ceiling, until you pass immigration reform.’ It would be governmental chaos.”

Of course, Schumer 2018 is an altogether different beast. You could even call him Schumer 2.0. This version is spiteful, divisive, and more than willing to create chaos. “Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with jello [sic], it is next to impossible,” Schumer said at a press conference.

A rich statement coming from the guy who skipped the budget meeting to make Trump look bad.

Trump Pelosi Schumer
President Trump sits next to empty seats where Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should have been seated. | Photo credit Fox News

Listening to Schumer then and now no doubt has people asking, “what happened?” The answer is “nothing.” Nothing new, at least. These are the same old tricks Democrats have been using for years. It’s tactic straight from their “do as we say, not as we do” playbook.

And, as always, it’s failing miserably. You don’t get to call Americans, Trump supporters, “deplorable,” while calling illegals “dreamers.” And you certainly don’t get to put military families and children at risk, to support illegal immigrants.

The United States simply does not negotiate with terrorists or criminals. Period.