The Electoral College has once again favored the common sense of the American people. This year’s 2016 election seemed to come down to a vote between those who support political correctness and those who have common sense. Thankfully, common sense dominated the Electoral College majority this year.

Hillary Clinton embraced a politically correct progressive policy, which Republican Donald Trump completely ignored. Most mainstream press, and other elite-thinking voters, were outraged at Trump’s common sense approach — though it resonated with a large segment of middle-Americans.

For example, on the controversial topic of Muslims from the Middle East, there are undoubtedly terrorists within this group. Trump, nor his followers, ever said that all of these people are terrorists, but ignoring the fact that extreme members do embed themselves inside of this massive group is foolish.

Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsClinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Hillary and Obama

The ruling elite of Hillary and Obama, for example, made it clear that importing Muslim refugees is the politically correct thing to do. This same mindset worked very hard to get certain boys and girls into whichever bathroom they choose.

These politically correct dogmas are extreme in their own ways. Ripping the moral fabric from beneath our feet, they destroy the basis of our nation’s strength and unity, weakening our country’s ability to govern effectively. Public decency steps aside to make everyone “feel good” about themselves, at the expense of scruples, virtues, ethics, and core values.

With ongoing cries creating divisiveness, how can we, as a community, find common ground about how citizens should live?

Clinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia CommonsClinton and Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

The Leftist Major Cities

The politically correct citizens of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City live beyond common sense ideas. While four cities shouldn’t matter, they do. The celebrities and other media influencers who have taken up residence in these cities, try to convince us that the entire country thinks the way they do — but not all of us do.

Outside of these major tourist cities, blue-collar workers, professional farmers, church-goers, and other law-abiding citizens, embrace Donald Trump’s common sense (no-nonsense) views on both immigration and national security. To them, 1+1 does equal 2. 

Luckily, the authors of the Constitution of the United States understood common sense, and it was from that foundation that the Electoral College was built. As a nation, it’s needed now more than ever as we try to overcome the past eight years and govern ourselves through a necessary time of healing. Thankfully, Donald Trump obviously agrees with our Founding Fathers, who set up a system with no room for politically correct nonsense.

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