WATCH: Liberal Calls Trump Supporters “Dumbasses”… Carlson Knocks Him Down HARD

Tucker Carlson | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox News has become a can’t-miss example of prime-time television. Carlson’s charm comes out in the intro to his show, where he highlights the anti-Trump mental state of the American Left.

He’s speaking a language the majority of Americans can both understand and relate to.

The host invites Leftists to the show to discuss their current publications, blogs, articles, or other stances against Donald Trump. After thanking the person for their attendance, he then asks them to justify the words they’ve written against the GOP. Most of the ensuing conversations are riveting. 

In one particular foot-in-mouth example of the show, Carlson sat down with Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald, who is allergic to answering questions. Did you see this?

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