HUGE: This Report Reveals Exactly Who Is Donating To The Anti-Trump Resistance Group

Pelosi and Soros plot to resist Trump
Photo credit | American Civil Liberties Union

Trump supporters have known since day one, that there were some powerful people behind the left’s “resistance” movement. They remained convinced in their belief that individuals, both inside and outside the government, were working to derail Trump’s presidency. It turns out they were right and, finally, there is proof.

Two weeks ago, a who’s who list of liberal elites attended a secret conference in Carlsbad, California. The guest list and agenda remained under wraps from the media at the behest of organizers. The reason for their secrecy is now coming to light.

Headlining the anti-Trump hate fest, was none other than House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, and billionaire agitator, George Soros. The conference, billed as the “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,” lasted four days.

The agenda for the event, held at the luxurious La Costa Resort, was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Guidelines promised attendees confidentiality, explaining that it was a “safe space” for donors.

Among the scheduled events were a happy-hour with Planned Parenthood, a “talk” with Soros, and a special appearance by Virginia’s new Governor-elect, Ralph Northam. Other invited guests included CNN commentator, Van Jones, and Democratic Senator, Kamala Harris.

Plotting for Control

President Donald Trump. | Photo credit: NBC

While details regarding private discussions at the meeting are not available, the purpose of the gathering is painfully transparent. The 2018 mid-terms are just around the corner. If Democrats can seize control of Congress, they can feasibly remove President Trump from office.

Talk of ousting the president has ramped-up in recent weeks. Earlier this month, six Democrats introduced new articles of impeachment. Additionally, they demanded the House hold hearings on the matter.

Outside efforts to have Trump removed are just as fierce. Billionaire donor and activist, Tom Steyer, kicked-off a $10 million-dollar campaign last month, declaring the president unfit for office. Steyers’ website calls on all 50 state governors, to join the movement.

Soros’ plans have been almost as obvious as those of liberal politicians. Many of whom, are no doubted to him some way or another. He has been linked to several groups in the resistance movement, including the Women’s March held back in January.