We Told You So: Pro-Hillary Emails Will Not Change the Vote of the Electoral College Members


The only thing we can say to those people who believed the electoral college would make Hillary Clinton president in December, is “We told you so.

Their minds are made. In layman’s terms, no backsies.

Yes, there are 28 states whose electors are not mandated by law to vote for the one who has the popular vote in the state. However, these electors have a mind on their own.

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Source: USA Today

Jim Skaggs is one of Kentucky’s eight electors. “I fully intend to vote for Donald Trump. It’s not a law, I don’t think. But I think it’s a duty,” he explained

Desperate Times

The Change.org petition that 4.5 million Hillary supporters signed, won’t topple a law, a system in place in the United States since 1824.

They seem to know this, that’s why when the polls formally closed, they released the contact information for electors in the said 28 states.

Now these electors are being bombarded by thousands of emails, and more snail mails, telling them to, “Change your mind and vote for Hillary.”

One of these electors is Sharon Geise from Arizona. She estimated 8,000 emails from Clinton hopefuls.

“She (Clinton) has to stop this. It’s ridiculous,” Geise said.

John Haggard from Michigan told news outlets that he already received 6,000 emails. He also said he still plans on voting for Trump.

Bruce Ash, an elector from Arizona, seems to have it worse. He said he is getting 2000-3000 emails per day. Ash said he will honor the will of the people and vote for Trump.

Texas elector Rex Teter, has gotten approximately 1,000 emails on her personal account, and about 75 letters at home. Not bad, huh? Well, her work account has 6,200 emails asking her to vote for Clinton.

She said she will not hesitate to vote for Trump.

“I’m a firm believer, and I play by the rules,” she declared.

These emails have also reached those electors prescribed by law to vote based on the popular vote. In these states, a faithless elector, (going against that state’s popular vote), can be charged with misdemeanor. They can also be prohibited from casting a vote in the electoral college. If this happened, the original elector would be replaced by an alternate, who would vote faithfully on the popular vote results.

Elector Susan Moore of Florida has received more than 800 emails urging her to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Electoral College’s Auto-Replies

Some electors were so annoyed they had to set up their auto replies.

Buzzfeed News has reached out to some of these electors and received the following auto-replies.

Elector John Haggard put up an auto-response saying he had gone deer hunting.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed

Here are other auto-response from unnamed electors who have been receiving “Vote for Hillary, Use Your Conscience” e-mails:

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed
Short and simple. Source: Buzzfeed
Short and simple. Source: Buzzfeed

The response below is from someone who fought fire with fire by attaching a photo of President-elect Trump in his auto-reply:

Thank you for your email.

As a result of being an electoral college member I am now receiving thousands of emails a day from Hillary Clinton supporters asking me to change my vote. If you are one of these people know that I am 100% certain that I will vote for our President-Elect Mr. Donald J. Trump.

If you are trying to reach me for any other reason, I encourage you to use one of my other emails or you can call/text me.

I have attached a picture of the 2nd time we honored President Donald J. Trump as our Statesman of the Year and I am ready for America to start winning again and encourage everyone to support our new president.

Do you think the people bombarding the electors with this emails are just exercising their freedom of speech or are they harassing these electors? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.