Partners in Crime: Is Hillary Clinton “loyal” to Bill?

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-19

At a recent rally, Donald Trump got a lot of heat from liberal news media outlets for stating that he believed crooked Hillary Clinton was likely not “loyal” to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Trump stated, “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, you want to know the truth. And really, folks, really, why should she be, right?”

Trump’s statements served to demonstrate the loyalties that bind crooked Hillary Clinton to her crooked cronies; and why the Democratic candidate had been compromised by outside interests. Liberal news outlets went ablaze stating that it was shameful Trump had insinuated Hillary had been unfaithful to her husband by furthering the “2016 presidential race into a personal battle.” – The New York Times

But this was not the case, as Trump’s statements had nothing to do with faithfulness. Trump’s comment did not have anything to do with the matter of infidelity, and everything to do with the crooked donors, elitist New York billionaires, and personal interests who have very specific plans for America, and the American people. These individuals have been a willing tool in Hillary Clinton’s conquest for power.

Partners in crime, Bill and Hillary Clinton
Partners in crime, Bill and Hillary Clinton

Is it the fact that the Clintons have lived apart for the past 15 years causing fans’ speculation on their marriage?

With brief exceptions that are noted in the media, the Clintons have lived apart since Bill left the White House. While some power couples choose to live apart, the case of the Clintons seem to suggest two lives headed in completely different directions.

It makes sense to most Americans (and to most people for that matter), that when two individuals are in a committed and loving relationship, there would be an effort of togetherness. This is true unless ambition wins out over love; in which case Hillary Clinton is only loyal to her ambitions.

As a side note, has anyone ever seen them kiss in recent years? Why does Bill generally kiss his wife on the cheek, as more of a friend than a conjugal lover? It is no mistake that sometimes the flames of passion that seed a relationship die out before the “binds” that make a marriage.  But this serves only as speculation.

By suggesting that Trump’s statement was a personal matter that had to do with infidelity, instead of loyalty in a broader, political sense, the Times (and liberal news media outlets) have forced the conversation to revert back to speculative commentary.  And that so often fails to bring facts to the table.  

Speculating about a couple’s relationship and their agreement is not something an outsider can do with certainty, nor was it ever something Donald Trump did for that matter. But, for a long time, Bill and Hillary’s relationship has been seen more as a strategic partnership.  Facts which have nothing to do with Trump, as The New York Times would like to suggest.

The statement had to do with the politics that have bent Hillary Clinton and made her so crooked.  And due to her personal dealings, Hillary Clinton is still seen by American as the crooked one. 

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