Clinton’s Witch Hunt for WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

“Can’t we just drone the guy?”, Hillary asked during a backdoor meeting, suggesting the assassination of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

A comment she so carelessly made at a closed-door meeting a few years ago is now one she probably deeply regrets, especially considering the fact that the release of Clinton`s emails start next week. They are scheduled to be trickled out little by little until election day. It would appear to be in Clinton’s best interest to silence any voice that opposes her. Crooked Hillary has managed to ensure all major media, search engines, etc. have been bought and paid for, except for a few organizations like Fox News, and some brave people.

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The FBI has certainly demonstrated that it’s not going to do the job.  James Comey helped cover up the email scandal essentially acquitting the Democratic presidential candidate from any wrong doing. Now, it’s only people like WikiLeaks founder and head editor, Julian Assange, who are the only viable individuals bringing actual news to the people.  As such, people like Assange pose a serious threat to the credibility of Hillary’s candidacy for president, although this is already hanging on by a very thin thread, if it’s hanging on at all at this point. Assange has cited reasons of personal safety as the reason for the delay of the release. And rightly so, the WikiLeaks founder should be concerned because if you’re on Clinton’s naughty list, you might just wind up dead. Hillary simply can’t risk having her dirty laundry aired this close to election day. And so the witch hunt for Julian Assange’s head is actively underway.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategist openly called for Julian Assange’s assassination on a recent Fox News program asking, “Why doesn’t someone just shoot the son of a bitch?” – Clinton’s campaign strategist, Bob Beckler

Perhaps Bob Beckler wasn’t a party outlier during this controversial interview.  Maybe he was simply reiterating sentiments Hillary Clinton and her camp have long held. Just recently, Clinton was asked about the comment she made and immediately averted the gaze of the reporter, stammering, “I don’t recall anything about that, and if I did say that, it would have been meant as a joke”. Perhaps Clinton’s inability to look the reporter in the eye is due to the fact that Julian Assange is planning to release more leaks before election day in November. Clinton seems reasonably shook, probably internally dreading the salacious information that will be revealed about her, and who could blame her?

Prior to this, Julian Assange was hailed by the Democratic bureaucrats in Washington as a cyber-hacking maverick, a champion of truth and justice. This was until the WikiLeaks founder began to release information about Cable Gates. The leak which saw the release of over 250,000 emails from American embassies was particularly damaging to the Democrats in Washington at the time. Among the Cable Gates leaks, was the revelation of then Secretary of State Clinton’s covert bombing in Yemen, as well as her personally professed interest in spying on certain United Nations Leaders.

For voters, the million-dollar question is this, what’s hidden in those emails? And why did Hillary Clinton go to such great lengths to destroy them? What will Julian Assange’s details reveal about the already severely compromised crooked candidate, no one knows for sure. But if justice truly prevails and Julian Assange is able to release this classified information, all her lies, deceit and reckless, short-sighted disasters will eventually be out, and the world will get to see the true face of Hillary Clinton, stringy black hair, warts and all.

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