They’re FURIOUS — Look What The Bush Family Actually Wrote About Trump…

Bush Trump
George H.W. Bush and George W, Bush | Photo credit HillTalk

President Trump dashed the hopes of what the late Phylis Schlafly called “the king-makers” by crumbling some of America’s most prominent political dynasties. And now, it seems they are looking for some payback. In a new book from the Bush family, father and son slam the current president and reveal who they wanted to lead the country.  

The Last Republicans is a book of woeful tales. The pages are filled with longing a need-to return to a time when establishment political families ruled the kingdom. The antagonist of the story, of course, is Donald Trump. The man the Bush men repeatedly accuse of erasing their aristocratic legacy.

Former President, George H.W. Bush believes President Trump is a “blowhard” only interested in feeding his ego. “I don’t like him,” he said in May 2016. “I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.” He dislikes him so much in fact that he cast his vote for Hillary Clinton.

His son thinks even of the less of the president. George W. suggests that Trump stirs public outrage and has no understanding of the job. “You can either exploit the anger, incite it,” he told author Mark K. Updegrove. “Or you can come up with ideas to deal with it.” Jeb, he said, came up with solutions, “but it didn’t fit with the mood.”

This is not the first time Bush has attacked the president. In a recent speech in NY, George W. criticized Trump for his immigration policies. “Our young people need positive role models,” he said. “Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry, and compromises the moral education of children.”

Pride and Prejudice

Bush Trump
Cover of The Last Republicans | Photo credit Amazon

The younger Bush’s remarks are ironic, to say the least. He is clearly a Republican in Name Only. His liberal attitudes are a major shift from the policies that handed him his father’s seat in the Oval Office. However, the change comes as no surprise. George W.’s interest lied in carrying on the family legacy.  

Like all kings, he felt entitled to the throne. 

Unfortunately for the Bush family, America is not a kingdom. And, the ruling class no longer has the power it once freely enjoyed. 

A point made by the voters, and by the White House in a statement to CNN. “If one Presidential candidate can disassemble a political party it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy, its past two presidents really had.”