5 Times President Trump Promoted American Energy


Trump Wants To Limit Restrictions To Fix The Economy

The President said, “On energy, I will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy — including shale energy and clean coal — creating many millions of high-paying jobs.” These restrictions have limited small businesses from moving forward, but Trump will be the one to limit some of these restrictions.

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Trump WantsTo Re-Examine America’s Energies

“America’s incredible energy potential remains untapped,” confirmed the President. While everyone else continues to dig deeper into the same old wells, Donald Trump wants to look into finding new resources. 

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Trump Believes In American Energy Dominance

“American energy dominance will be declared a strategic economic and foreign policy goal of the United States.” As the greatest country on earth, American needs to step up in the energy field and Trump will be the one to guide us. 

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Trump Supports Fracking When Done Right

“Fracking will lead to American energy independence. With the price of natural gas continuing to drop, we can be at a tremendous advantage,” said Trump. The President is willing to do what it takes to improve America, so he continues to look for new ventures that will fix the economy.

Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Trump Wants To Fix The Economy Of The American Family

“I am going to lift the restrictions on American energy and allow this wealth to pour into our communities — including right here in Pennsylvania. The shale energy revolution will unleash massive wealth for American workers and families.” Trump wants to do whatever it takes in order to repair the American worker family. 

Do you support Donald Trump’s beliefs on American energy?

President Donald Trump | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

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