Donald Trump Doesn’t Cater to the Lobbyists and Big Business of Wall Street


Donald trump is a man who can front his own election. The presidential candidate is not bound to the idealism of any establishment. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who has sold off her influence to any bidder. Trump can go off the cusp and is free to denounce conflicting vested interests, as we have seen. As a result, Donald Trump is a man of his word, ready to serve the people. His opponents have to be constantly attacking him with old remarks, in order to get traction. Because in practical terms, they don’t have anything that can hurt him.

To non-politicians, or regular folk, Mr. Trump can offer a solution to the plague of political lobbying, corruption and its structure of failed policies. In a way, what we feel as innovative about Trump and his campaign is showcasing a ripping at the seams of the establishment, which Hillary has been a member of for 35 years. 

Mr. Trump may seem radical in promoting the rule of law, raining in a liberal agenda, and allowing people the freedom to pursue their own happiness by promoting free enterprise. Let’s not forget that in America, this is nothing radical. It is a constitutional right. In a way, the corrupted nature of the Democratic party demonstrates that Trump’s values can yield results for what Americans really need. This has a tendency to scare the liberal establishment sitting in blue rooms in Washington. These are the people who make decisions no one really talks about. Decisions that have a deeply negative impact on average, hard-working people.

Mr. Trump is a Libertarian Republican. He channels the backwaters of the political establishment and expresses the discontent that many felt was just part of the political process. Unlike Obama, bending to the interests coming from left and hard left, Mr. Trump does not play ball, and if he does it is only hardball. While many are disillusioned with Mr. Obama’s softball politics, a Donald Trump presidency offers the hard-nose entrepreneurial mindset that is decisively and characteristically American.

Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event
Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event

Overall, Mr. Trump is about getting people working again, stopping the negative red bleed of the deficit and keeping America safe at home and abroad. Unlike Hillary’s Libya, Iran and any other geo-political interest that has been affected by her influence, he understands how to do this. Unlike Democratic institutionalists, touting big government and squeezing entrepreneurial middle class individuals out of business, or out of the country, Mr. Trump understands what they need and knows how to offer it. As President, Donald Trump isn’t bogged by wasteful Democratic ideologies with senseless interests bought by influential individuals. He is a candidate that understands why it is all about cash flow. As a man of free enterprise, he can get America working again.

The general distaste for the old tactics employed by politicians who ultimately serve lobbyists, and the likes of mega conglomerate companies that in turn serve, above all, themselves, really doesn’t work anymore. Lastly, the old methods and its servants need to be tossed out to the curb. Donald Trump shares the general consensus of hard-working Americans. He is the only one that can take out the trash.