Famous Reverend Graham Sees Melania Trump, Then Posts THIS Message On Facebook…


Melania Trump Opens Ceremony With Lord’s Prayer, and The Reverend Was Watching!

Trump Rally | Photo Credit Getty Images

In Florida, Melania Trump opened the President’s campaign-style mega rally by beginning with the Lord’s Prayer. The crowd loved the opening, but liberals went crazy over the act of religious freedom.

Christians understand that this prayer was first uttered by Jesus Christ as an example for his many followers. The left began to attack Melania Trump for the event, but many stood up for her opening.

One man who stood behind Melania was Reverend Franklin Graham.

Reverend Franklin Graham Supports Melania Trump

Rev. Franklin Graham | Photo Credit Gospel Herald

Reverend Franklin Graham posted his support on Facebook and immediately got 10,000 likes in the first hour. The evangelical icon first heard the news while watching Sean Hannity the night before.

The Reverend wrote, “Sean Hannity said last night that First Lady Melania Trump’s reciting the Lord’s Prayer was touching and beautiful — millions of people agree with him!”

Melania Trump also revealed she isn’t afraid to reveal her faith to the public.

The First Lady Is Proud To Be American Christian

Trump Rally | Photo Credit Getty Images

The First Lady said:

“This is a prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself gave us, and people around the world have been blessed as it has been viewed and replayed in the media. I’m thankful we have (a) first lady who isn’t afraid to publicly let her faith be known, and I hope she won’t be discouraged by the vicious attacks from the left on her and her family. Our nation often needs to be reminded of the power of God, ‘For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.’”

The liberal backlash included comments about not everyone being a Christian and there were some other jokes about Melania plagiarizing the bible versus Michelle Obama, based on one of her previous speeches.

Based on the attention of Graham’s post, it’s obvious that lots of supporters believe in President Trump and the First Lady.

Do you support Graham and Melania Trump’s freedom of speech?

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