#BoycottNRA Backfires As Proud Americans Set New Record Of Attendance

NRA- Dana Loesch
NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch lashed out a liberal media in her CPAC speech. | Photo credit The Blaze

When will liberal protesters learn?

On Valentine’s Day, Nikolas Cruz murdered 14 children and three teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. It was a tragedy that could’ve and should’ve been prevented. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department, FBI, and countless others failed these students and teachers.

However, the left isn’t blaming Sheriff Scott Israel. Nor are they holding SRO Scot Peterson responsible, despite the fact he hid outside like a coward. Instead, liberals are finding fault with the National Rifle Association.

Because of leftists’ ignorance, the tag #BoycottNRA started trending on social media last week. Anti-gun activists, aided by left-wing media, immediately began attacking America’s oldest civil rights organization.

Responding to the outcry, several membership partners severed ties with the NRA. Enterprise, Hertz, Delta, and a host of others will no longer offer discounts to members. The National Bank of Omaha is not issuing any more credit cards with the NRA logo.

Ridiculous as it seems, the NRA boycott is nothing new. We saw the same thing happen to Confederate statues after the Charleston church shooting. If the left deems something or someone as evil, then it must be destroyed. The U.S. Constitution is no exception.

The problem with that is that millions of Americans just so happen to love their rights. Especially their right to bear arms and protect their families. Something the police are not always able (or willing) to do.

NRA Responds to Boycott

Over the weekend, #BoycottNRA trended on social media. | Photo credit Kolo

Thankfully, the NRA isn’t backing down. They issued a blistering response to the boycott and their membership numbers are growing rapidly. In their statement, the group branded the #BoycottNRA campaign a “shameful display of political and civic cowardice.”

Adding insult to injury, gun show attendance set new records over the weekend. On Saturday, gun enthusiasts flocked to the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. 7,000 more guests than Florida Gun Show manager George Fernandez expected showed up.

Speaking to WTSP, Fernandez said Second Amendment supporters are concerned. “Some of the people attending are afraid that future legislation will impact their gun ownership rights,” he told the station.

Looks like the left needs to spend some time perfecting their aim because they clearly missed the target.