ANTIFA Thug Tried To Burn American Flag You’ll Love What Happened Next


Bikers For Trump

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Some people make very bad criminals. This is especially true for those who aren’t smart enough to pay attention to their surroundings. That is a lesson an ANTIFA thug just learned when he failed to notice Trump bikers were watching him attempt to burn an American flag.

Conservatives gathered in Oregon this past weekend, to stage a peaceful protest parade to advocate for free speech. Naturally, it didn’t stay peaceful for long as militant ANTIFA members showed up to cause problems. Things quickly escalated after they arrived, as several of the masked cowards assaulted Trump supporters and snatched their cellphones right from their hands.

However, one incident in particular has Trump supporters everywhere grinning from ear-to-ear. A male ANTIFA punk showed up, dressed as a woman, and began to burn an American flag as the crowd cheered him on. He obviously didn’t notice the nearby biker who was there to help protect the peaceful parade goers. The entire incident was caught on video.

The biker and Trump supporter, who has not been identified, quickly snatched the partially burning flag out of the guy’s delicate little hands and the two began to exchange harsh words. It quickly became apparent that the thug had…

No Backbone

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The American flag is not a meaningless symbol to millions of Americans. It represents freedom from the oppressive tyranny of dictators. That point, however, is forever lost on the leftist anarchists who are bent on the destruction of this great country. Their obsession with silencing opponents with violence and hateful rhetoric is the hallmark of fascism.

Nevertheless, when confronted over their militant tactics, they often run like a deer in the headlights. Just as was the case with the transgendered flag-burner. All he could do to try and make a point, was to shout meaningless obscenities. To their credit, the bikers kept their wits about them and rose high-above the low standards of their enemies. Ironically, this is what anti-fascism looks like.





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