Amazon Facial Recognition App Identifies Members Of Congress As Criminals


Tech giant Amazon and its liberal patriarch Jeff Bezos are under fire after a new facial recognition app labeled more than two dozen members of Congress as criminals. The American Civil Liberties Union is up-in-arms over the fail, and we are rolling on the floor laughing.

Amazon facial recognition identifies members of Congress as criminals
Photo Credit | Business Insider

The ACLU recently conducted a test of new surveillance technology created by Amazon and were left speechless by the results. The facial recognition tool aptly called “Rekognition” matched 28 members of the U.S. House to mugshots of criminals.

According to the report, the lawmakers misidentified by the software included both Democrats and Republicans. It was also a fairly even split between males and females and age groups. The only disproportionate factor, the ACLU alleges, was race.  

Interestingly, their own numbers don’t support that narrative. Of the 28 mismatches, only 40% were minority. That means the other 60% were not minorities, right? Not surprisingly, the ACLU didn’t find that a cause for concern.

Speaking about the results, the left-leaning organization claimed the software will harm minorities. “An identification, whether accurate or not, could cost people their freedom or even their lives,” they said. “People of color are already disproportionately harmed by police practices, and it’s easy to see how Rekognition could exacerbate that.”

Similarly, members of Congressional Black Caucus wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos voicing concern over the grave harm his technology will cause. Not for all Americans mind you, but for at least two groups who are in fact criminals or committing criminal acts.

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