Abolish ICE and Open Borders: America’s New War for Independence


This past weekend, tens of thousands of misguided people took the streets all over the country in protest. Not to end domestic violence or better care for our nation’s veterans. In fact, they weren’t protesting for America at all. They want to open borders and abolish ICE. 

abolish ICE open borders illegal immigration
Photo Credit | Open Borders Project

On Saturday, liberal activists in several major cities took a stand for illegal immigrants. They carried signs reading “abolish ICE,” “open borders,” and “amnesty for all,” as though they were a badge of honor handed to them by the morality police.

Of course, they weren’t a sign of their moral superiority. Rather, they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, their own ignorance. Demanding the Trump administration abolish ICE is not only ignorant, it’s extremely dangerous. Having open borders even moreso.   

Worse still, several of these pro-illegal immigration protests turned violent.

Anarchy In The Streets

abolish ICE open borders, antifa, illegal immigrant
Photo Credit | Oregonian

In our nations capital, a United States Secret Service Officer received a concussion near the White House. A protester, attempting to move safety barriers, punched the agent in the face at a D.C. rally then knocked him to the ground.  

In Portland, Antifa thugs showed-up armed to disrupt a legal rally sponsored by conservative group Patriot Prayer. Violence broke out in Philadelphia and rioters threw a brick through the window of a GOP office in Nebraska. The vandals also spray painted “abolish ICE” on the wall.

Ironically, this whole ridiculous movement started over polices that have little to do with President Trump. Yes, Trump did enact a “zero tolerance” plan for immigrants who cross the border illegally.  He did because there is a distinct difference between immigration and an invasion.  

Not to mention, his is policy in one that every modern president acknowledged was necessary but were too cowardly to implement. In the case of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, they simply didn’t want to lose their voter base.

Regardless of their motives, abolishing ICE and having open borders is not the path to freedom and independence. It’s quite the contrary. Allowing unfettered access to our country is asking for trouble that we are ill-prepared to deal with.

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