These Rare Pictures Of Three-Legged Dogs Are All You Need To See To Want One


Three-legged dogs prove love prevails no matter what! Don’t think of them as handicapped; these dogs are superheroes and survivors. 

Three-Legged Dogs Are Superheroes!

Three-Legged dogs persevere

A broken body doesn’t mean a broken spirit. Instead, these three-legged dogs are thriving superheroes in my book. 

More veterinarians and dog parents are realizing dogs that lose a limb to cancer, injury or birth defects can survive — and even thrive — on three legs. What’s more, three-legged dogs show a resilience and determination that the rest of us can learn from,” reports Monique Balas Butler

Every dog has a story, love our three-legged friends.

Do you know a three-legged superhero? If so, I’d love to see your photos, seriously, add them to the comments below. 

3 Legs Do Not Stop These Survivors

Three-legged dogs are survivors!

Whether a dog is born three-legged or loses his leg down the road, it doesn’t stop him from living an incredibly productive life. In fact, dogs with less than four limbs are finding a new outlet to help their human counterparts.

Meet Logan and Quinn

12-year-old Quinn asked for a dog with three legs when he awoke from having his leg amputated. Consequently, we have Logan! While they both have similar struggles getting around, it doesn’t slow them down one bit.

Dogs With Three Legs Are Trainable!

Dogs with three legs are trainable superheroes

Training a three-pawed dog to walk on a leash is challenging. The dog’s tendency is to move quicker to maintain balance. As a result, you experience a pulling on the dog’s end. You’ll find it difficult to make sharp or abrupt turns as well.  

Playing a little catch is a great way to exercise your three-legged pet all year long.

Dogs with three legs are trainable

Meet Shania, a Siberian Husky. Her owner shares, “To train Shania not to pull, I use a combination of hand-targeting and treating, when she is voluntarily walking by my side. When she starts to pull, I first give her a verbal warning to slow down. If she does not listen, then I stop her, make her do a Sit and Wait, re-target her on my hand, and then move on.”

If you have a dog with three legs, you will benefit from the full story about Shania here

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