There are specific secrets and tips which may prove to be handy while teaching your dog.

These guidelines are practical and show to be helpful on a daily basis. Including these in your daily routine from day 1 will prove extremely practical. Dogs are much easier to train when they are small. 

A pup from 2 to 6 months old is the perfect time to start training but all dogs are trainable.

Same as with kids, you don’t want to wait for too long to teach them eat by themselves or use the toilet, right? Although older dogs may also be trained the time needed for the same can be longer. This mechanism is very comparable to human beings learning capabilities which depend on the motor skills. Most dog owners are interested and eager to learn new dog tricks and ways of training their dogs, so this makes the whole thing if not easier, but at least pleasurable. At the end of the day – you’ll feel the sense of accomplishment when you see your dog react accordingly to the commands and not jump at the visitors.

womansday.comTrain your dog like Cesar Milan

Various dog training guidelines may be helpful for dog owners who need to train their dogs themselves rather than getting professional coaches.

The best and most useful suggestions for training dogs is to remember they need a positive stimulation and encouragement. Any negative stimulation would take them a lengthy time to comprehend, but positive incentive could be understood by them very rapidly. You can think of this in terms of sticks and carrots. With dogs – you don’t want to use many sticks, as they’re most likely to learn when to be afraid of you, rather than how to behave.

Dogs are extremely alert and receptive to the praises of their masters. Rewarding the dog every time they obey your order successfully and perform an action correctly helps the dog to execute the same with more eagerness the next time.

Following a command equals getting a reward

This reward may be the favored food of the dog or perhaps a treat like ice cream or any food that it likes. Giving friendly, but firm instructions is another way to strengthen your command. These instructions, which should be in a pleasant voice, will eventually be reward enough for the dog.

Though dogs are unable to comprehend the entire language of their masters, they’re able to identify the differences in their master voices. The commands must be given in a tone that the dog will easily remember. So, they are associating the action with the sounds you make, rather than the actual word. Make it firm and distinctive, so the dog can easily recognize your command.

These tips are by no means exhaustive. You’ll get a million more tips and advice on the Internet and from your friends, fellow dog-owners. Remember to put your dog’s well being first and your bond. Once you get this almost telepathic connection, the learning curve will improve drastically.

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