You’ve Never Seen A Dog Litter The Size Of This One (Look Closely!)


Puppies are the cutest animals around, especially when there are a lot of them in one place. These large dog litters are amazing and we know first hand. My family raised German Shorthaired Pointers and had 10 in one litter, sadly I have no pics to show. Take a look at the following they will make you feel all cuddly inside.

Airedale Terrier Has 11


Seventeen-year-old Barney Pryor was just about to jump on his motorbike and head off to school when he realized his Airedale Terrier, Gypsy, had started to give birth. The family bred Gypsy once before and she only had one puppy. This time, she gave birth to a large dog litter of 11.

According to, “Barney, of Rickling Green, Essex, said: ‘By the time mum came home it had all got a bit messy and Gypsy was a mum to six girls and five boys.'”

Border Collie Mix Has Large Dog Litter Of 8

credit Blue Cross

Border Collie Mix, Pebbles was taken to the Blue Cross animal charity in July 2011. Shortly thereafter, the staff discovered the deaf and partially blind stray was about to have puppies. Pebbles gave birth to eight adorable healthy puppies four weeks after being rescued. The pups were given awesome names. Can you guess the theme: Dino, Bam Bam, Chip, Rubble, Fred, Wilma, Roxy, and Betty?

Neopolitan Mastiff Holds World Record of Large Dog Litters With 24

photo rex usa

In November 2004, Tia, a Neapolitan Mastiff shattered the world record for largest dog litter when she gave birth to 24 puppies! Understandably, for her health and that of her pups, Tia had a C-section. Don’t you agree that Tia is a Guinness World Record holder extraordinaire!

Madyson The Irish Setter Has Large Dog Litter Of 15

credit REX USA

Lucky for her, Madyson, the Irish Setter, had a little help raising her crew of 15 youngsters. Before Madyson’s owners had the chance to clean the puppies, Liliana their English Setter, started to lend a, um, hand –so to speak. 

Great Dane Gives Birth To 16

In 2014, Callie, the Great Dane gave birth to 16 puppies, but sadly only 10 survived! Callie is my grand-dog from my daughter Katie, and this is Sam and me holding eleven. Wow, what a wriggling bundle of love! It hurts to lose even one. All of Callie’s pups meet up each year for a sibling reunion and they keep in touch via photos on their Facebook group.

Have you seen other large dog litters? Share in the comments.