We asked our Facebook fans to post pictures of the pittie babies they love, and you didn’t disappoint! Below are our top five favorites from the past week. 


“This is Sam! We rescued him, when someone found him stumbling on the side of the road, skinny and tired. But they didn’t want to keep him. We took him in he had heart worms, wasn’t neutered and completely blind. He’s a big sweetheart!” ~ Amy Simoes


“My baby Chief..my son found him dumped on a country road…the vet thought he was only 4 weeks old…poor thing…we thought we would foster him til he got old enough. ..NOT…2 days later my husband had purchased a tag with name and phone number. He is honestly the most affectionate dog I have ever owned. .love my boy!!” ~ Becky Vaughn Stolz

Gracie May

“This is Gracie May. We adopted her from Joplin Humane Society last April and she has been stuck to my side since. She weighs about 55 lbs but gets to sleep right between us every night because she’s spoiled rotten lol she’s learned how to give “kisses” before we leave the house by booping you with her nose! Her brothers adore her as do we.” ~ Kayla Danielle White

Murray & Jasper

“These are my babies. We bought Murray (left) when he was 7 weeks old and adopted Jasper (right) from a local shelter a week before Christmas. They are both going on 8 months old and are the most loving, sweet, cuddly companions. They are mine and my husband’s world!” ~ Mackenzie Layne Miller


“My very best friend Gemma. I rescued her from a horrible breeder at 7 weeks, she was malnourished, thin and lethargic, with the help of my vet and tlc, she is now a happy, healthy lovebug at 72 pounds. She turned two in November.” ~ April Rokovitz

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