CUTENESS OVERLOAD: Your Heart Will Melt When You See Just How Much Golden Retrievers Love Babies!


Golden Retrievers love babies, but do you know why? Look at these precious videos as I share some tidbits about Goldens and their predisposition to love your family including the smallest additions.

Golden Retrievers Love Babies

red golden retriever puppies

The Golden Retriever is top of the line when it comes to family dogs. From birth, Goldens are loveable, playful, and trusting. This breed originated in the early 19th century, after extensive longterm breeding of the Irish Setter and the Newfoundland, Tweed Water Spaniel. 

“In the early 1800s, game was plentiful in England and Scotland, and hunting was both a sport and a practical way of obtaining food. Retrievers came into prominence because of the desire for a medium-sized dog that would do well in wild-fowling, both upland game and waterfowl” according to the AKC records.

Through this careful blending, you and I can now enjoy a gentle honey colored, brown-eyed bundle of fun here in the United States. 

Now, don’t expect your house to be protected, because Goldens are not known as guard dogs. For instance, they will bark to say hi then lick and welcome a stranger as if he were family. 

Check out the following videos to see just how much babies love these amazing animals.

Golden Retrievers Are Babies’ Best Friends

Goldens are big family dogs that love babies. Take a look at these cute and caring pooches and how they interact with little humans. You will see some tender moments to be had with Goldens as well.

Golden’s Are Furry Hugs!

Is there anything more tender than a furry hug from your favorite dog? This video brings us a closer look at the tender touch of Golden Retrievers and their human babies.

Golden Retrievers Are So Patient

These Goldens are patient and loving in so many aspects. They allow ear pulling and stealing of their personal toys without reacting in a negative or aggressive way. Do you have any favorite memories of your dog and your babies? 

Goldens Make Babies Laugh!

Babies just love Golden Retrievers. You can hear rapid giggles, long chuckles, and continuous laughing from these little humans as they interact with each other.  

Goldens Love Babies And Fun!

Golden Retrievers love Babies

All of these videos prove the highly intelligent and loving Golden loves babies, loves fun, and loves his family.

And don’t forget, though Goldens are hard workers, they are people pleasers too. Therefore they can become sedentary in lifestyle if you don’t interact with them. So, be sure to take them for walks a few times a week and for sure, rake a pile of the leaves and invite them to jump in.

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Which one would you like to own?