Be Careful Of This 1 Thing When You Introduce Cats To Your Dog


Have you thought about everything that needs to be in place when you introduce cats to your dog? Be careful not to toss them in together without ample time to adjust to their new surroundings. Here are some tips you need to read. 

Video Tips On Introducing Cats To Your Dog

“Although dogs and cats are often portrayed as enemies, if introduced carefully, they can actually get on extremely well. If either pet or both have lived with the other in a previous home, then the introduction process is likely to be easier. However it is still a good idea to take things slowly by following the advice in this leaflet –  a gentle introduction is far safer than a rushed one, and will hopefully result in both pets becoming good friends,” reports Claire Stallard Blue Cross Animal Behavioralist. 

Prepare A Safe Area For Your New Cat

Curious, pretty striped grey tabby cat sitting on top of its scratching post

Prepare a safe area for your cat that your dog cannot get to. Move all of her necessary items in with her – litter box, food, water, climbing pole, etc.

Using stair-gates are helpful to keep the dog and cat separated but only if the cat isn’t small enough to fit between the open bars.  If you have a kitten, place her in a large dog crate with all of her items safely inside. This allows a touch-free introduction when dogs meet cats.

Cats love high places to get away from dogs. Be sure you have locations in place for her before she gets to the house. Tall scratch poles work great for this.

Swapping Scents To Introduce Cats To Your Dog

introducing cats to your dog takes preparation

I’ve talked about scent swapping in my article on introducing your dog to a new baby. Using this same concept between cats and dogs works wonderfully well too. Before bringing the cat or kitten home, find two soft clothes and swipe one over the cat and the other over the dog. Once you have done this, take the opposite cloths to each animal and let them sniff, fondle, and play with the fabric.

Sit down with each pet while holding the other animal’s scented cloth. Using gentle praise words while rubbing the new scent on the dog and cat will allow each to become familiar with one another before they meet.

Review the video above for several more tips and strategies to make this transition successful.

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