The purpose of this post is to spread the truth about the pit bull breed. They’re often mentioned in tragedy news, and labeled as vicious and dangerous dogs.

But the stories you’re about to read will tell you more about the real characteristic of this dog.

Saving a little boy

Ember, the pit bull, is responsible for saving a 10-year-old boy. Ember was adopted by the Daniels family, but they had no idea that this pit bull was special.

The pit bull had a special connection with the little kid, and always slept at the foot of his bed. However, one evening, Ember felt something was wrong with her human brother and she started making odd sounds. The mother woke up to the odd sounds, and followed Ember to see what’s bothering her.

Ember led the mother to the bathroom where her son had suffered a seizure and fell back into the tub. Thanks to the quick reaction, the parents rushed to the hospital and their son got the medical attention he needed.

Pit bull takes a bullet for his owner

Aside from being a loyal companion, we also expect dogs to protect us and guide our homes. Like protecting us from a burglar for example. Justin Becker had to fight off a burglar when he tried to enter his house.

The situation changed to critical when he pulled a gun on him. But Kilo, his pit bull, was there to save his life.

He jumped and attacked the burglar to protect his owner!

Pit bull pulls her owner from the tracks

This train engineer was in shock when he saw how a pit bull tried to drag a person away from the train tracks. He immediately hit the brakes, but it was already too late. Christine Spain survived the incident without an injury, but the pit bull who saved her life was badly injured.

Lilly, the pit bull, was later rescued by Spain’s son. Christine was dealing with alcoholism, and now Lilly is there to help her cope with the addiction.

Lilly was loyal till the end, and she stayed by her owner’s side until the ambulance arrived. Fortunately, Lilly survived the accident but lost one of her legs.

She’s recovered now, and living with her owner.

The number one lesson we learned today is that your pit bull is always willing to risk his life in order to save yours. Being vicious and dangerous is not their thing.

But being loyal to their owner is what makes the pit bull such an amazing dog.

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