Bathing Hacks That Will Make You A Dog Washing Expert


Whether you have a new puppy or an elderly dog, these bathing hacks will make bath time a lot easier. Here are a couple of videos and a few tips to lessen bathing anxiety in your dog and yourself. 

Have Everything On Hand Before Turning On The Water

Before you begin bathing tips

Here are the top recommended items to have on hand before bathing your pooch:

  • Use the correct shampoo – Don’t use people shampoo as the pH is not the same. Essential oil shampoo is great in proper proportions. If your dog has skin issues contact your vet for appropriate recommendations.
  • Dog brush appropriate for your breed.
  • Three towels, one under the dog, one to cover the pup between shampoos, and a fluffy towel for drying.

Bathing Hacks For Puppies

For puppy’s first bath, don’t wash her head. All you want to do is make this experience as pleasant as possible for both of you.

Bathe your pup for five minutes max. Any longer than that and she will become anxious and cold.

Only use a blow dryer if it is absolutely necessary. The better choice is towel drying; you’ll experience less stress and enjoy a time of bonding with your little one.

Clip her nails separately from the first time bath. By doing so, you can wean your dog slowly into additional bath time habits.

Only bathe your dog if she is dirty. Over bathing causes skin problems, such as eczema. 

Bathing Hacks For Adult Dogs

When bathing adult dogs consider the following:

  • Use a fluffy towel in the tub to stop your dog from slipping.
  • Pretest the water every time before you spray your dog –Lukewarm is the goal.
  • Speak to your dog with a calming voice before, during, and after the bath.
  • Use an Essential Oil diffuser in the bath area to calm your dog down.
  • Put cotton balls in your dog’s ears to stop water from flooding in.
  • A piece of steel wool blocking the drain collects loose dog hair.

Listen in to Dr. Becker for more tips on bathing your adult dog.

Cleaning Stains Around the Eyes

white dogs, like this Maltese, can produce yellow staining under the eyes.

“Anything you use to clean your dog’s face must be safe around the eyes. In the video, I clean Rosco’s stained facial folds with colloidal silver, which is completely safe for eyes,” shares Dr. Becker

If correct preparation is your thing, consider this 3-3-3- method before adopting a dog.