The Most Amazing Story about the Dog Who Refused to Die

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-27

It is a fact that dogs always find a way back to their home. No matter if they get lost or their owner is trying to ditch them on purpose. They’ll walk for days if needed, but they will return to the place they see as a home.

This is extraordinary to us humans, but it’s actually a common thing in the animal world. The emotional connection we form with dogs is what separates them from other animals.

Dogs can sense when they’re being rescued, and know when they’re being abused. They remember the act of kindness, and tend to return the favor.

Thailand’s illegal dog meat trade is one of the most horrific events for dog. Dogs are being slaughtered and cooked alive. The scenes coming from a place like this are truly disturbing, especially for dog lovers.

But we’re not going to focus on the bad side here, because we have a wonderful story to share.

There’s no way to stop these events, but there is a way to make an impact. Rescuing and adopting is currently the only way to help them.

Amanda is a dog lover and a mother of a disabled boy named Kyle.

Kyle and his brother were born in December 2008, but unfortunately Ty survived for just 26 hours. Kyle has autism and cerebral palsy. He’s also unable to talk, and confined to a wheelchair.

But after Amanda decided to rescue a dog from the Thailand’s illegal dog meat trade, Kyle’s life completely changed.

The story

Amanda decided to act after she saw a shocking picture of dogs being kidnaped from the streets of Thailand, with the purpose to be served as a dinner at restaurants in Vietnam.

But one little pup got to her. The poor dog was trying to escape from the truck, and Amanda was determined to save his life.

“The flash of the camera had caused him to open his eyes and I was just so drawn to him,” says Amanda.

“I contacted the photographer, a Thai lady I know of, who works selflessly to rescue dogs from the dog meat trade over there.

“The truck had been intercepted by undercover officers from the Soi Dog Foundation, a charity that improves the lives of dogs and cats in Thailand, and she happened to be at the rescue shelter where they were then taken and took photos.”

 “I asked her how the hell she would find the dog I felt so desperate to help. She told me that every time she went to the rescue shelter she would look for him.”

“I didn’t hold out much hope but incredibly eight weeks later she found him.”

The whole rescue mission was a miracle, and that’s how Amanda named the dog as well. After being saved from the slaughterhouse, Miracle spent nine more months in a Bangkok clinic. The dog had to recover before he was able to travel again.

But in In April 2014, Amanda finally got to take Miracle to his new home.

“I knew so much about this dog but what if he didn’t like me?”

“I needn’t have worried because when our eyes met it was as if there was telepathy between us, that he knew who I was.”

Miracle had to recover and adopt to the new environment, before she introduced him to Kyle. But as soon as they met, Amanda noticed how there was a special connection between them.

“Although Kyle can’t speak he makes sounds to indicate whether he’s happy, feels anxious or is about to have a meltdown, which Tobias and I communicate back to. I soon noticed that if Kyle made a particular noise, Miracle would leap off the couch and go to him, wagging his tail – Kyle has always found tail wagging really funny.”


“Increasingly he would lay close enough for Kyle to touch him and seemed to recognise that he is a very sensory boy and finds touch soothing.”

“Now, if Kyle becomes upset by a situation, such as too many people invading his space, Miracle will go to him and let him grab the fur on the back of his neck for comfort, which instantly seems to calm him.”

Because of the special bond with Kyle, Miracle won the Crufts Friends For Life Award and the RSPCA Animal Hero Award.

The rest of Amanda’s dogs live outside, but Miracle has a special treatment. When Amanda was working on Miracle’s rescue, she never thought of the special connection between the dog and her son.

But it looks like Miracle is returning the favor. He’s Kyle’s loyal companion, and a huge positive in his life!

Source: Express

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