5 Dog Cafes You’d LOVE To Visit Around The World


If you are a dog lover and enjoy heading out to your local cafe, then you are going to love dog cafes. Built to bring dogs and people together, dog cafes are becoming increasingly popular. We have compiled a list of five amazing dog cafes that we urge everyone to visit.

What Are Dog Cafes

Before we launch into the list, let’s talk about what dog cafes are. In many areas, dog cafes bring people and dogs together for an hour or so. When most people think of a dog cafe as a place that lets you bring your dogs, that isn’t what a dog cafe is.  While you don’t bring your friendly canine with you, you do get to play with dogs.

The goal for dog cafes is for people to spend time playing and cuddling with dogs. There are a few exceptions to that rule and some dog cafes, especially ones in North America, are working at rescue while people cuddle with dogs.

While dog cafes are still limited in the USA, there are a number of them popping up across the country. Keep an eye out at your local pet stores and rescues, as they will have a host of information on events in your area. They will also know when a dog cafe is popping up in your area.

1. Dog Time – Tokyo, Japan

  • Location: Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Kita Otsuka 2-34-7
  • Telephone number: 070-4385-8373
  • Fee: 1,500 yen for 1 hour

Focused on bringing small dogs to the people of Tokyo, Dog Time is a doggy paradise. Love small dogs? This cafe is full of them. This cafe is usually home to 14 small or toy sized dogs including toy poodles. The cafe is more popular with locals than tourists, but it is bustling with business.

Admission to the cafe includes a beverage and treats for the dogs you play with.

2. Bau House Café – Seoul, South Korea

  • Location: 64, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04045, South Korea
  • Telephone number: 82 2-334-5152
  • Fee: No Entrance Fee, Beverages are about 8,648 won

Known for being very clean, Bau House offers time with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. There is no entry fee to visit the dogs; however, you have to buy a beverage. You can also purchase a treat for the dogs in the cafe at an additional charge.

There are several dozen dogs to keep visitors busy and the staff is efficient in keeping up with canine mishaps and accidents. Finally, Bau House allows visitors to bring their own properly vaccinated and trained dogs to the cafe for playtime.

3. The Dog Cafe – Los Angeles, California

  • Location: 240 N. Virgil Ave, Unit 12 and 12B, Los Angeles, CA, United States
  • Telephone number: 323-485-4077 
  • Fee: 15USD entry fee, Beverages are extra

Opened in 2016 and inspired by the pet cafes popular in Korea, The Dog Cafe offers coffee, treats, and cute canines.

Several dogs call the cafe home- at least temporarily. All of the dogs, while enjoying playtime with new people on a daily basis, are up for adoption. Not only can you enjoy a great coffee, you can spend the time meeting a new family member.

The Dog Cafe does not allow children under five and there is a fee for entry. Visitors are expected to order a beverage on top of the entrance fee. However, the cafe is wonderful to visit. Be sure to call ahead to make reservations as space is limited. So why not head out and meet the dog of your dreams over coffee?

4. Dog and Scone – Newcastle, UK

  • Location: 22 Pudding Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1UE
  • Telephone number: 44 191 366 0025
  • Fee: £5 entry fee

The Dog and Scone is slightly different from other dog cafes. While they have resident dogs, the pups are not up for adoption. Instead, they proudly own the cafes owner and founder. Every night, the six small breed dogs head home to spend the night with their owner.

Like many dog cafes, an adult must accompany children. No child under six is accepted. There is a small entry fee and the owner urges people to reserve tables, as space is limited.

5. True Love Cafe – Bangkok Thailand

  • Location: 153 Paholyothin Road Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Telephone number: 66 90 101 9669
  • Fee: 350baht includes a beverage and piece of cake

The final dog cafe on our list is True Love Cafe. Found in Thailand, the cafe boasts roughly 20 Siberian Huskies. The dogs are well trained and visitors are greeted with a clean establishment.

There is an entry fee but the affordable price includes a beverage and a piece of cake. Guests can spend time playing and cuddling with the Huskies while enjoying their dessert and beverage. Like all dog cafes, book ahead of time to ensure that you get a table.

Made popular in Korea and Japan, dog cafes are starting to become popular in the United States and Canada. The few dog cafes launched in North America are successful. And with that success, it is only a matter of time before you see a dog cafe near you.