Rescue Dogs Who Star In TV Shows & Movies


These dogs aren’t exactly household names. But you have to admit, each and every one of them deserve to be recognized. From rescued dog to celebrity, these awesome creatures prove that everyone deserves a second chance at a loving home. Not only that, dogs who are given a second chance can actually do amazing things like starring in a TV show. What’s amazing about that is the fact that a lot of people think of rescued dogs as untamed creatures. This proves that rescued dogs are just like any other dogs — they can be trained.

Without further ado, here are some of the dogs that you can watch out for:


Dodger, a little white terrier, plays Buddy the dog in the TV show Doc Martin. Fans of the show know that Doc Martin absolutely hates dogs. In this show, fans know that the Doc is mostly irritated with Buddy the dog and wants to put him down. Doc Martin is portrayed as a dog hater but the actor who plays him (Martin Clunes) is an absolute dog lover in real life.

According to an interview with Martin Clunes:

Dodger was chosen to play the role of Buddy, the new canine member of cast, who lives with the doc’s Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) after producers vetted several other dogs.

“Dodger is a rescued Jack Russell from the Dogs’ Trust charity, and he is such a brilliant dog,” says Martin, who is passionate about all dogs off screen.

Martin Clunes also said that:

“It has been lovely having him around so much. He is so well trained by Sonia Turner it is effortless. Dodger always hits his mark. We seldom go again for another take with him.”

Ruff Life

Dodger’s life wasn’t as glamorous before starring in the hit show. According to his trainer, the Jack Russell Terrier started out as a street dog who was then rescued and selected for his great acting skills. His trainer says that Dodger has a lot of skills which include crawling on his stomach, playing dead, and hiding his eyes. 

Both fans of the show and dog lovers alike will be delighted to know that the set of Doc Martin is truly dog-friendly.

Fans of the show know that if they want to have a chance to meet Doc Martin on set, they don’t stand a chance if they don’t bring a dog. Funnily enough, the set for Doc Martin dog-friendly mostly because almost everyone (from actors to producers) are dog lovers. 

What we love about Dodger is that he’s such a good sidekick on the show. We also love the fact that the reason for Dodger’s amazing acting chops could also be in part due to the amazing work environment he’s in. It isn’t everyday that you get to work in a set that’s populated by dog lovers, right? 

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