Rescue Dogs Who Star In TV Shows & Movies (Part 2)


These dogs aren’t exactly household names. But you have to admit, each and every one of them deserve to be recognized. From rescued dog to celebrity, these awesome creatures prove that everyone deserves a second chance at a loving home. Not only that, dogs who are given a second chance can actually do amazing things like starring in a TV show. What’s amazing about that is the fact that a lot of people think of rescued dogs as untamed creatures. This proves that rescued dogs are just like any other dogs — they can be trained.

 Without further ado, here are some of the dogs that you can watch out for:


She was dubbed the “World’s Loneliest Dog”. She was staying at Freshfields Animal Rescue, which is a community-focused, non-profit organization that took in both domestic and farm animals. 



Freya is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and for the first six years of her life, she was rejected for more than 18,000 times. Since Freya instantly appears as a pit/mixed breed, her breed might have been a reason for this insane amount of rejection. Moreover, the media could be to blame. The pit bull breed is often shown as a vicious, aggressive, and downright mean dog that barks non-stop. In reality, Freya (like a lot of other pit bulls) is just a dog who likes to have long walks, cuddles, and kisses. 

Big Break

However, things changed when film director Michael Bay read about Freya’s story and decided to help. So Freya got the big break of a lifetime and ended up acting beside sir Anthony Hopkins in the Transformers 5 movie! After news broke about Freya’s role in the upcoming film, she got interviews left and right because a lot of people wanted to get to know her. 


                                            Image source: Paramount Pictures


                                          Image source: Paramount Pictures

When July rolled in, things got even better. According to Freya’s Facebook Diary:

I’m so happy to tell you all that’s it’s official! I have now been adopted and have a family of my own. I have a mum and dad, a big brother in Teddy and a little sister in Joanie and I love them all so much already. I was always told that one day it would be my turn and it was true. I spent over 6 years at Freshfields waiting patiently for a home and the staff there never gave up on me. There’s a home out there for every dog and I’m living proof. I showered all my human friends at the rescue with sloppy kisses and said goodbye for now. I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this happen for me. Love and licks, Freya xxx


  image source

What’s amazing about this story is that 1) Freya got her well-deserved break and 2) Freya got her forever home as well. The sad reality is that Freya is just one of the thousands of dogs who weren’t adopted due to her looks. Hopefully, more people learn to get to know these dogs and give them another chance at an amazing life.

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