Why Your German Shepherd Still Needs Time With Toys


Dogs like the majority of animals living on this planet, and especially as pets, want some sort of fun in their lives – such as toys.

And who can blame them, right? Even adults often want to do some silly stuff, like play with LEGOs, go-karting or watch cartoons. What about German Shepherds, though? They are supposed to be tough, aren’t they? Well, it is widely believed, that German Shepherd dogs need toys as much as any other pet!

Giving your GSD toys is important because constant unhappiness might lead to an unhealthy and miserable life for the dog.

So the primary question is, why do dogs need toys? Well, they don’t want toys in the way that it is a requirement or a necessity. It is a sort of luxury to dogs and it could actually improve their overall lifestyle. All things considered, if your goal is to make a dog happy it’ll probably benefit the dog in the long run, as well as in day-to-day activity.

Aren’t these the most adorable puppies? Source: hypedogs

Dogs are very comparable to humans.

If you’re not nice to a fellow human you’ll find that they’ll frequently become sad or stressed when they experience no happiness.

With a dog it is just a bit different. For starters – a dog may easily become more stressed if you are separating it within your home as a domestic pet. You are technically not letting it have any contact with other dogs. 

This implies that dogs can grow extremely lonely with regards to their very own species. This can cause a serious emotional strain on the dog, where toys would be a tool to help alleviate this stress.

You have to allow the dog to have as much enjoyment as it may

If you’re noticing the dog becoming less active and energized – this can be something to take note of. Not only is the shift in mood affecting your pup’s energy and their everyday routine, like walks, games, and so on, but it can also cause damage to their health. Depression is a real condition that not only humans are susceptible to. Dogs can be extremely sensitive which means dealing with bad moods at times. 

Generally speaking, toys are a great way to improve their general well-being

Clearly, toys will not improve the dogs physical well-being on their own. But by enabling time to play with toys, and adding some exercise on top of it, toys will assist them to achieve a happy, healthy life.

And there is a wide variety of them!

Surely, you’ll be able to find something that even you yourself will be able to enjoy! Take Frisbee, as an example. Just remember to keep your dog happy as well as get some fun for yourself.