Pet Health: Is My Dog’s Drooling a Bad Sign or a Good Sign?


Sometimes dogs drooling is simply funny. Especially, when the dog is a massive fierce German Shepherd, one might find it comic.

There are, however, explanations to this phenomenon that are not as funny. Drooling might also mean that the dog is suffering from some health issues.

It’s true that most dogs drool, and it is nothing out of the ordinary. Particularly when there’s yummy food in front of them. In case your dog drools and slobbers, there is nothing you may do except set some towels at suitable places throughout the home.


But if the drooling takes place all the time, not only during feeding time, that might be unusual. Sudden excessive drooling usually implies that the dog isn’t feeling too well. In severe cases, excessive drooling might also lead to dehydration. Dogs with irregular drooling could also show signs like difficult and listless respiration, head shaking, and pawing at the mouth.

The main cause of excessive drooling can be easy to identify as it’s coming from inside the dog’s mouth.

If your dog is drooling an unusual amount the first thing to do is to use a flash light to analyze their mouth. It is likely that the most typical cause of drooling is that something got stuck in the dog’s gingiva, embedded in his tongue, or between the teeth. It could be any number of things. If you look for a foreign object in your dog mouth but you’re unable to eliminate it, seek professional aid immediately.

Dogs with gum disease like tartar and gingivitis, as well as dogs with dental issues like a bad or fractured tooth may also drool excessively.

One method to check if your dog has gingiva or dental disorder is to smell their breath. Typically dogs with gum disease or a bacteria infection in the mouth may have really bad breath. So, brace yourselves before doing this.

Injuries inside the mouth might also cause excessive dog drooling. Bleeding gingiva are often bright red or purple. Tumors that happen in a dog’s mouth may cause a dog to drool excessively. There are of course other signals suggesting the dog is going to have tumor in his mouth, like halitosis (which is a fancy name for bad breath), bleeding from the mouth, and troubles while eating.

Many dogs may drool greater than usual when they’re traveling by vehicle, since they suffer from motion sickness. The motion upsets the stomach, causing them sickness which in turn causes them to drool excessively.

Seek medical care if the drooling more than normal

It is also important not to get overly hysterical over minor issues. Dogs drool like humans do. German Shepherds can be super enthusiastic about your cooking or the new kibble you’ve bought, so there might not be any problem there! But keep your senses sharp and consult the vet as soon as you see anything weird about your dog – this will ensure timely measures to prevent any health problems.