German Shepherd Dog That Served in the Police for 10 Years


We’ve Heard a Lot About Everyday Heroes, Superheroes in the Movies, Our Hero-Soldiers Overseas, and in the Country

Someone saving a person falling on the train rails, someone pulling a stranger away to avoid collision with a car – these stories fill our newspapers and TV shows. Someone, who is much less likely to appear on TV is a service dog. Zando was one of them. And he was a hero. 


German Shepherds have been working alongside men literally for centuries. Herding sheep, as an assistant dog to disabled people, and as rescue dogs. One of the main duties that the German Shepherds are used today is in the police service. The famous K9 employs thousands of dogs that help fight the crime every day. Zando was one of them, but he wasn’t an ordinary dog.

His handler, Jake Jacobson, tells about their first day on duty – “…he found 789 packets of heroin”. That’s quite a catch! Ever since his first day in the service, Zando was keeping illegal drugs off the streets, catching criminals and rescuing people. On one occasion, in March 2010, Zando was able to track down a woman despite heavy rain and unbearable temperature. 

Zando Quickly Became Well-Known in the Streets

Both by criminals and ordinary people. Despite the aura of a hardcore police dog that catches the bad guys, Zando still was like many other dogs. When seeing kids – he’d start playing with them and would let them pet him. 

Everyone knew Zando because of his excellent character. The way Jake Jakobson trained and treated his dog were responsible for this. The dog had spent every single day besides Jake, and he knew all too well how to train a dog to be a perfect public servant. 

Zando was an outstanding police dog. Boasting hundreds of arrested criminals, thousands of hours in training, he was an example of a perfect police officer. Devoted, honest and ready to protect citizens despite any threat. 

Sadly, after 10 years of service, Jake started noticing how Zando is growing more lethargic and unresponsive. Medical examination brought terrible news – Zando was suffering from pancreatic cancer. After suffering several extreme seizures while on patrol – the dog was rushed to the hospital once again. The test showed that Zando was dying and that the illness progressed very far. The only thing left to do was to have Zando put down. 

On the Next Day After Hospitalization, Jake Jacobson Returned to the Clinic With His Whole Family

But these were not the only people who showed up. Almost every fellow officer in the unit joined Jake and the family to say the final goodbye to Zando. 

Everyone went to the clinic of their own accord, no special ceremony was held and no special invitations were sent. This proved one thing – how everyone respected and loved Zando.   

Becoming the example of a service dog, a police officer and a friend – Zando was put down on October 27, 2015. Surrounded by friends, family, and people he served, this was the final day of service for this hero police dog.