We see dogs as a loyal family companion. They even treat us better than some humans do. So why should we leave them when they’re old?

Of course, the picture of a little running puppy around the house sounds better. But that doesn’t mean we should replace them when they get older. They’re not toys, and they have emotions.

The problems that people face with elderly dogs are medical bills and food. That’s why they’re being handed to the shelters when the medical bills are too expensive to handle.

The Mr. Mo Project was started to help elderly dogs spend their last years in a loving home. The project covers the medical bills and food, and the foster families provide care and love.

Chris and Hughes are cofounders of a nonprofit called the Mr. Mo Project. Their goal is to place senior, shelter dogs into permanent foster homes. The Mr. Mo Project covered $50,000 in medical bills in food so far. The costs are covered from kind people who truly care about dogs, just like Chris and Hughes.

“All our fosters are exceptionally strong people. They know they will fall in love with their forever foster, care for them, nurse them back to health, earn their trust, all to lose them before they are ready,” says Chris Hughes. “These are special people and that is why they find special dogs.”

The idea of helping elderly dogs was born when the couple lost a pit bull named Moses. He died in 2014, and Chris and Hughes decided to dedicate their lives to helping other elderly dogs get their own happy last years.

They had to sell their hot tub to pay for Moses’s medical bills. Moses died after being diagnosed with an inoperable spinal cord tumor.

Moses’s story

“Moses was stoic, we didn’t know something was wrong with him until it was too late. He was a brave, strong soul who taught us about forgiveness, joy and unconditional love. He covered us with kisses every night and every day he showed us love and peace,” says Chris.

“We have found that there are so many wonderful families that have the home, the love and the time to give to these dogs, but they do not have the additional income. With the way our program is set up they are able to forever foster these dogs without having to worry about the cost.”

The Mr. Mo project is receiving call and emails from shelters hopping to find a forever home for their oldest residence.

The couple is working on finding families that are willing to offer a home for the dogs, and luckily there are plenty of them.

Filipowski is just one example. He lost his first Mr. Mo foster dog, and now he’s looking to adopt another one.

“I cried bitter tears,” says Filipowski. “He’d finally found someplace he wanted to be and didn’t want to let that go. The only solace is knowing that he got a chance to know love, comfort, security and happiness before he died.”

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