Robert Plant Talks About Longevity In The Music Industry


British rock gods Led Zeppelin just celebrated their 50-year anniversary and lead singer Robert Plant has been reflecting on good and bad times with the band. Plant referred to the breakup as somewhat of a divorce, but that doesn’t mean that he stopped performing all together.

Robert Plant | Photo Credit Uncut

“It’s 50 years since I got married and sadly I only managed 13 of those,” he joked. The band split up back in 1980 when drummer John Bonham died. But, ironically, fans are more likely to hear the band on the radio now than in the 1970s. There’s a new album and a new book on the way to celebrate the band.

“You’ve got to stay in the groove of ceaseless creativity,” said Robert Plant about his new album, Carry Fire.

Robert Plant Discusses A Lifetime Of Music

Led Zeppelin | Photo Credit Hall of Fame

“When I sang the way I did when I was 17 or 18, when Bonzo, my buddy played the way he did with me, we just did what we did,” said Robert Plant. “And that’s what I do now and I think that’s the way forward.”

Basically, Plant and John Paul Jones decided they can’t wait for a potential reunion tour as Led Zeppelin. Therefore, both have kept making music. Plant has made several solo albums and JPJ has been playing with Dave Grohl in the band, Them Crooked Vultures.

“We can’t hold our breaths forever,” said Robert Plant about secondary ventures.

Carry Fire Highlights Plant’s Americana Style

Carry Fire | Photo Credit Amazon

Robert Plant said he doesn’t “give a hoot” about his two styles. Whether or not he sounds different from his solo career and his band, Plant lives on. “It’s a good time to be me because I haven’t dropped the ball at all,” said the lead singer.

“I just keep trying to open up the inside of, I suppose, a combined gift. Because the band and myself have sort of got this thing going on, which is really powerful,” said Plant. In this scenario, he’s talking about his new back-up band.

In a interview with the Toronto Sun, Plant was asked about a potential farewell tour. “There’s no such thing as knowing when,” said Plant. “Look there’s so many different ways of expressing one’s self and doing what I really love to do.”

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