classic rock heals

 In the world of the material where the things we own often define worth, our favorite music is priceless being the most important and personal item we own.

The vast capabilities of this magical art form makes it one of the most valuable commodities in the world.  Music adds value to great days while easing the burden of painful ones. Classic rock music transcends time by transplanting the listener back to that flashbulb moment when the song was originally heard.  Classic rock music can cleanse the soul by allowing a peek into the life we once knew by opening a window to the past.

Regardless of the situation, music is a friend that will be loyal forever.  Classic rock never casts judgement and never changes opinions; no matter the situation, the song remains the same. Bad days at work can be eased with the comfort found in listening to a song like, “Hey Jude” encouraging that it will get better.

These artists and songs are like prescription drug bottles found in the medicine cabinet; there are songs to be used specifically for particular illnesses. 

Classic rock music is beloved by the youth from their decade because, at the time, the music meant something special.  Often, the artists, lyrics, guitar solos, and concerts are memories only remembered through the associations made listening to a particular melody or lyric.  The guitar riff or the chorus shakes the memory bank thereby reviving long lost memories of yesteryear. 

The classic rock song can become a locked time capsule held in the mind; unlocked only with the key a memory found after hearing the words. 

Younger generations do not understand classic rock because the music does not speak to the problems they are faced with today.  When Dee Snyder said, “I Wanna Rock,” the world was a more conservative place than society today.  Yes, there are still many injustices in the world, but in the 1980s the nation was still breaking ground on the freedom to let people truly be themselves.

Music is one of the most precious possessions that one can own in the world today.  Classic rock music has the ability to touch the soul while acting as a conduit to the past.  A time capsule filled with memories locked away deep inside the mind.  The music within the mind stays constant regardless of any person, place, or situation. Classic rock music is a friend with complete loyalty, zero judgement, and unparalleled abilities to kick ass!

What does classic rock do for you?


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