8 Classic Rock Songs That Would Still Be Hits In 2018


A lot of classic rock songs are popular because of the time period or other factors. Either the musician came along at the exact time and place for success or other chances of fate created a legend. However, there are some songs that are so good, they would still be hits today.

These eight classic rock songs would still be major hits on the radio today.

1) Classic Rock Song: “Lola” By The Kinks

In 1970, the song “Lola” came out. It was surprising for there to be a song centered around a trans woman. While the song is no longer politically correct, it’s quite different than most other songs on the radio (other than Lou Reed music).

Aside from the subject matter, the song has remained catchy over the years. It’s got the classic rock vibe but it’s not overly dated. Basically, it remains a great song for a poppy, hipster-ish classic rock song.

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