If you want to see some crazy stuff go down, head to a Luke Bryan concert. He’s fallen off the stage more than once. He’s also been hit by cell phones and other flying debris. He even had a dance-off with a fan. But he had managed to avoid the dreaded wardrobe malfunction… until recently.

That One Time When…

wardrobe malfunction
Luke Bryan in concert (Photo from Whiskey Riff)

You have to hand it to Luke Bryan. He’s the consummate professional. No matter what happens at his concerts, he just moves on without skipping a beat. And so when he suffered a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at a recent concert, Bryan absolutely just took it in stride. 

He recently discussed the incident with ET’s Keltie Knight.

While he was performing “All My Friends Say,” one of the fans noted that Bryan’s zipper was down. Oops. But that didn’t slow him down. He simply zipped it back up and announced to the crowd, “My fly was down!” Then he gave the fan a high-five and a beer.

The malfunction was perhaps a result of Bryan’s rather exaggerated hip thrusts, which he admits he amplifies when he’s on stage (he said that if he did such thrusts in an intimate setting that it would be pretty shocking). “After all of these years of averting this one wardrobe malfunction, it finally showed itself,” he told Knight. “The fly was down, the zipper was down.”

Unfortunately for Bryan, he had another wardrobe malfunction.

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wardrobe malfunction


Luke Bryan in concert (photo from Aol)

AOL reported another wardrobe incident for Bryan. This one occurred when he was performing on the Today Show. He was wearing a new shirt and it seems he had forgotten to remove the tags. So when it started raining and he took off his jacket, the tags were showing. Somehow what seems most odd about that story is that his new clothes come with tags.

Luckily, nothing too scandalous occurred with either incident. It certainly wasn’t anything like the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl performance that actually gave us the phrase “wardrobe malfunction.” But with Bryan‘s knack for crazy concert antics, who knows what the future may hold.

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