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Check out Chesney and P!nk killing it in their duet

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24

P!nk and Chesney; it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

On July 28, the latter star dropped a single called “Setting the World on Fire,” which featured the former star on vocals. This was unexpected, to say the least. A flashy pop star and a humble country singer? Yes, it’s true.

Knocking down any doubts people may have had, this duet nailed the performance and probably blew away some listeners.

After a 25-second intro, Chesney starts off the song, understandably, because it is his single.

“Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard
Taking pictures of people we thought were stars
It’s easy to give in to your heart…”

Then P!nk jumps in and sings the chorus, then the two take turns singing. They tell the story of two former lovers recounting the good old times when they were, well, “Setting the world on fire.”

Before Chesney released this song, he described what makes a great song:

“To me, great songs are great songs regardless of genre, and the core of being alive is the same no matter where you are. That rush of realizing there’s something going on here…You’re really clicking with someone…Or even just one of those perfect nights with your friends, there’s no feeling like it. And I like the idea of P!NK with her voice that is so strong and contains so many colors, she really makes that idea of giving into your heart, shouting out the window and whirling around in the middle of an abandoned street feel real.”

People responded with a proverbial “Yes, we think this song is great!” The song climbed to the number one spot on Apple Music for all genres.

The songwriter responsible for this hit is Josh Osborne. He derived the song from a real-life story.

“A couple of years ago, I won a Grammy for ‘Merry Go ‘Round’ with Kacey Musgraves,” he explained. “That all takes place in L.A., and my wife and I were staying at this hotel and I just remember that night … it was such an amazing moment.”

He and his wife went back to their hotel near La Cienega Boulevard in L.A., singing down the hallway and drinking champagne. They stayed up all night.

“So many of those images were just stored in my mind, because this whole night in my mind…was sort of champagne-colored in my mind,” he said.

Like Chesney said about great songs, they come from “one of those perfect nights with your friends, there’s no feeling like it.”

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C. Murph

C. Murph is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania.

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