Tyler Reese, Travis Tritt’s Amazingly Musical Daughter!


She’s got her daddy’s voice and her mama’s good looks. Tyler Reese Tritt is certainly an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree! And now the 19-year old is claiming her spot on the Tritt stage.

Tyler Reese
Tyler Reese Tritt (photo from countryrebel.com)

A Famous Father

Country Fancast reveals that Tyler is the oldest child (and only daughter) of Travis Tritt and Theresa Nelson. Theresa is Travis’ third wife. Tyler’s two younger brothers are Tristan James and Tarian Nathaniel, also from Theresa. 

Tritt became famous in the 90s with a string of hits. These include “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” “Anymore,” and “T-R-O-U-B-L-E”

According to Biography, Tritt took his time following his musical dreams. He married his high-school sweeheart and took a 9-5, but neither lasted long. Instead, he pursued his music. His early career was spent playing gigs in Atlanta before he moved to Nashville and signed with a label. His first album, Country Club, did quite well.

After that, it was a short road to serious fame. However, it took a bit longer for his personal life to do as well.

Country Fancast also reports that Tritt divorced his second wife, Jodi (who was 12 years his senior), in 1989. He apparently had no intention of remarrying…until he met Theresa. Their courtship was about two years, and then to everyone’s surprise (most of all, Travis’), the two were married in Spring of 1997.

Tyler Reese
Travis Tritt and daughter Tyler Reese Tritt (photo from YouTube.com)

Finding Her Own Voice

According to Country Rebel, Tyler Reese first performed with her father in 2013. The pair performed the Don Henley and Patty Smyth duet, “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.” They posted their performance on social media and almost instantly received millions of views!

They recently performed again, this time at the North Georgia State Fair. Travis seems quite proud of his talented daughter. He even posted his feelings about her on Facebook.

Country Rebel also mentioned that Tyler Reese sometimes performs with her father when he is on tour. Like her father, she is certainly no stranger to the stage!

And like her father, she is pursuing her own career in music. Maybe another generation of Tritt’s will topple the charts!