WATCH: The Most Gorgeous And Unreleased Miranda Lambert Song “Scars”


Miranda Lambert may now say her divorce wasn’t a “big enough deal” to write an album about, but there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary. We dug up one of her unreleased tracks from an acoustic show she did, and it clearly shows just how many “scars” the “Tin Man” singer carries from her divorce from Blake Shelton. Watch Lambert give a phenomenal performance of an absolutely gut-wrenching ballad of love and loss. 

A Divorce and A “Shitty Year”

Miranda Lambert, divorce, scars
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2015 was a “shitty year” according to Miranda Lambert. Which comes as no surprise. Blake Shelton divorced her in what had to be one of the the fastest legal proceedings on record. And then less than 6 months later, he publicly announced his relationship with Gwen Stefani. Lambert was clear at that time that the divorce was quite painful. She wouldn’t even talk about it on record for almost two full years. When she finally did, it was in conjunction with the release of The Weight of These Wings, the record that was largely believed to be her divorce album.

Now Miranda Lambert says that her divorce didn’t impact her enough to warrant an entire album. Maybe not. But it is clear that she is carrying scars–from her own admission.

Miranda Lambert Has “Scars”

Miranda Lambert, Scars, divorce
Miranda Lambert (photo from

It isn’t uncommon for artists to have tracks that they love, but don’t record. Or record, but don’t release. Sometimes the timing is off. Other times the song just won’t sell. In the case of “Scars”, Miranda Lambert didn’t think she could sell it. She needed more experience with pain. Unfortunately for her, she got it.

At this particular concert, Lambert played stripped-down acoustic tunes with several artists. But this one was just her and her guitarist Scotty Wray. Lambert‘s introduction to the song was extremely powerful. “So this song, I don’t know if I can do it without crying,” Lambert said. “Scotty Wray has been with me since I was 17. For a long time he was my band. We have been through everything together, good and bad. We both went through a really shitty 2015 and we have the tattoos to prove it. He wrote a song a long time ago called ‘Scars.’ I never felt like I could sing it ’til now.”

Selling It

Miranda Lambert, divorce, Scars
Miranda Lambert (photo from Us Weekly)

Lambert then explained why she couldn’t previously perform the track. “It’s something you have to sell and really feel and really live and go through shit to basically execute a song like that. But every time he sings it…I’ve cried for the last 15 years. So I’m going to try it tonight myself.”

And did she ever sell it. Listening to her sing lyrics such as “pain that I remember, is the pain that makes me stronger” and “with these scars, some are deep, some are not, some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot,” you clearly see the pain of her divorce.

So maybe her record wasn’t a divorce album. But her “Scars” seem to say otherwise. Listen to her perform the gorgeous ballad in the video below.