Is Miranda Lambert A Badass Or A Bitch?


Miranda Lambert has more hits than a heavyweight boxing champion and enough awards to sink the Titanic a second time. She is southern sass and Texas twang. She is the girl who is going to tell you what she thinks. All of it. And you either love her or hate her. So is she a badass or is she a bitch? We give you five facts to help you decide.

5. “I can stay as long as I damn well please”

If you think you’re going to tell Miranda Lambert what to do, you’re completely wrong. Especially if you’re a guy. She may be a small woman but as she sings in “Texas as Hell,” her temper is “hotter than red, white, and blue blazes.” Such was the case at a festival in New Orleans. When a security guard pointed at his watch to tell her to wrap up her 90-minute set, she didn’t mince words.

“I’m headlining this festival tonight so I can stay as long as I damn well please,” she informed him before turning her back to him. Then looking to the women in the crowd, she asked, “Girls are you with me?” Continuing to pace the stage, she acknowledged to the cheering crowd, “I love you boys, but I don’t like men telling me what to do.” And that was the end of that. She played until she was done.

4. She Proudly Wears Her Resting Bitch Face

In an interview on the Bobby Bones Show, Miranda Lambert acknowledged that she does not automatically display a warm expression. “I kind of have this, what do you call it, R.B.F.,” she said (which we all know stands for resting bitch face). But whereas many women might feel bad about this, Lambert was more than fine with it. In fact, she said that it works to her advantage. This is because she likes to go out a lot in Nashville. And being out while wearing R.B.F. keeps her fans at bay. She can party undisturbed. 

In all fairness to her, though, she did admit that she does on purpose. “I don’t mean to, though,” she said. “I just do my thing and drink Miller Lite and hang out with my friends.” And she acknowledged that she doesn’t bug her idols, either. “People are awesome,” she continued. “Nashville is awesome. Nobody cares. Anybody who’s anybody who’s my hero who lives here, when I see them out, I don’t bug them.”

Fair enough.

3. She Possibly Cheated On Blake Shelton

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No one knows this for sure. But rumors have swirled for years that Miranda Lambert cheated on ex-husband Blake Shelton during their marriage. The first report was of an affair with Chris Young. However, he immediately shut that down with an Instagram post shortly after the rumor started. 

“I don’t normally address gossip but in this case I will. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda’s divorce. That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear that up. Love you guys.”

But that wasn’t the only time she was accused. Hollywood Life picked up a story that there was a second cheating incident, this one with a “non-country singer.” Hollywood Life is a tabloid, though, and its stories are often untrue. So we can’t be sure. But if she did, then that might make her a bitch. Unless…she did it in retaliation. Because there was just as much speculation Blake Shelton cheated in their marriage. And he was certainly a relentless flirt. So maybe she was just finally getting hers. That is a badass thing to do.

2. Taking Aim At Gwen Stefani

Miranda Lambert, badass, bitch
Miranda Lambert is her Gwen Stefani-esque pink hair (photo from Yahoo)

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani both vehemently deny that they were involved with each other prior to Shelton’s divorce. And maybe that is true. But even if it is, Blake was extremely uncool about the announcement of their relationship. He sent out the word on social media the night of the CMA Awards. And that was a big night for ex-wife Miranda Lambert. She received four nominations that year, including the two heavy hitters, Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year (she won the latter). So his timing was pretty harsh.

But Miranda Lambert didn’t back down. She showed up on the red carpet with pink-dipped ends. And the only explanation was that she was channeling Gwen Stefani‘s 1999 pink hair. Because Miranda Lambert never strays from her signature blond locks. And besides that, this was the only time she ever rocked the look. 

So showing up at your industry’s biggest award show making a statement about your ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Is that badass or bitch?

1. So Many Song Lyrics

Miranda Lambert, badass, bitch
Miranda Lambert (photo from First for Women)

Miranda Lambert is arguably the artist with the best break-up playlist. Taylor Swift certainly has her share but her songwriting isn’t close to the caliber of Lambert’s. And besides that, Lambert knows how to do a break-up Texas style. Consider her song, “All That’s Left.” She is more than clear about the situation. “Get your shoes on / Get your suitcase / Your stereo and all of your CDs / No more talking, just start walking / Cause all that’s left for you to do is leave / Tell your lawyer it’s all over / Forget what he’s got up his sleeve / No more signing, no more whining / Cause all that’s left for you to do is leave,” she sings.

Or take some of her non-breakup songs. “Gravity Is a B**ch.” It’s so ridiculously honest. “Got bags under your eyes, bigger hips and bigger thighs / You got places that you can’t even itch / You can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it / But you’re never gonna beat it / ‘Cause gravity is a bitch.” True story.

Or even the earlier-referenced song, “Texas As Hell.” “I’m Texas as hell, mean and ornery / I don’t need no loud mouth comin’ on to me / My temper gets hotter than red, white and blue blazes / You know doggone well everybody can tell I’m Texas as hell.” Doesn’t seem like that needs any more explaining.

So are these the songs of a badass or a bitch? 

For this writer, she is a bitch.. .and that is just what makes her badass. Let us know which you think Miranda Lambert is and why.