Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What Willie Nelson’s Son Is Doing Now…


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and nowhere is this more evident than in the life of Lukas Nelson. In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, just look at the last name. Nelson. As in, Willie Nelson. Lukas and his band, Promise of Real, are following in the footsteps of his living legend father.

Lukas Nelson
Willie Nelson with son, Lukas Nelson (photo from

Learning From the Best

One can only imagine the size of the shadow cast upon Lukas by his father. But he doesn’t seem to feel intimidated by it. He seems inspired by it. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he shared his thoughts about growing up as Willie Nelson’s son–and how he’s making music his own.

He said there were moments when it dawned on him just how famous his father is. For example, he described his father’s 70th birthday party (he was about 14 at that time). At that party, there were “these incredible legends…there to perform with [my father] at the Beacon Theatre in New York — Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Paul Simon.”

He continued, “I remember going to meet President Jimmy Carter when Carter got the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. Dad was one of the performers there. I also remember going to the Kennedy Center Honors when Dad got his [award]. Those things happened one after another and are just a few examples of when I realized [how famous he was].”

Lukas said he knew from a young age that he wanted to follow his father’s life as a performer and recording artist. And like his old man, he also writes his songs. 

Lukas Nelson
Lukas Nelson (photo from Rolling Stone)

Promise of Real

Lukas has his band, Promise of Real. And they are staying busy.

They recorded with Neil Young on his 2015 album The Monsanto Years. He and his band are also touring with Young again next year. He also recently collaborated with Lady Gaga.

Not only does Lady Gaga perform on two of the tracks on Promise of Real’s new album, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, but the two worked together on the movie remake of “A Star is Born.” 

That doesn’t mean he isn’t in the family business. Lukas, his younger brother, Michael, and his father released a new album together, Willie Nelson and the Boys (Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2).

It seems Lukas is carrying on the family tradition!