These 10 Videos Of Country Covers Performed By Kids Will Brighten Your Day


Adults aren’t the only ones who appreciate good country songs. Luckily for country music, the grownups are doing a nice job of exposing this next generation to great country songs. And luckily for grownups, the kids provide some of the cutest (and most spectacular) country covers. Here are the most adorable kids of country that are sure to brighten your day.

1) Kylee Covers Luke Bryan

This is one of the all-time best. When Luke Bryan motions to let little Kylee onstage, he had no idea just how much she would steal the show. First of all, she was just adorable in her little cowgirl hate and denim short.

But more than that, Kylee showed zero fear of being in front of thousands of fans. She immediately started dancing. And then was quickly trading lines with Luke Bryan singing “Is Someone Else Calling You Baby?” She even led the crowd in the chorus, bringing all the voices together with hers. The clip is just heartwarmingly cute.

2) Genesis Takes Over for Carrie Underwood

Usually, when kids steal the spotlight, it’s just because they are so damn cute. But in this case, it wasn’t the cute factor that put Genesis Keren Nava in the limelight. She is cute, no doubt about it. What really brought this performance to light was that the girl can sing.

Taking the stage next to Underwood to sing “Good Girl,” she looked more than a little surprised when Genesis took the microphone and all-out belted the signature song. And all of it was on key. Carrie simply stood by and led the audience in keeping time for Genesis, who had the performance of a lifetime that night. Certainl,y we will see more of Genesis in the future, because no set of pipes like that can go unnoticed for long.

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